Palm Springs Wind Map

Who knew that the wind could play a part in your decision of where to make a home? Well, if you're from the Coachella Valley or you've ever visited the northern sections of Palm Springs, you'll get it. Typically the neighborhoods north of Vista Chino are the windiest in Palm Springs. On the flip-side, the areas closest to the base of the surrounding mountains and in the southern sections of Palm Springs tend to see less wind. This is important to be aware of when considering where in the city you want to make your home - especially if the amount of wind is a concern for you!

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map of wind direction in Palm Springs, California

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What Makes Palm Springs so Windy?

Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley sit just east of two major mountain ranges - the San Jacinto and San Bernardino Mountains. The space between those two mountain ranges is known as the San Gorgonio Pass and this is where most of the wind gets funneled through.

The heat caused by the desert sun does a lot to create low pressure systems within the valley. As wind will always move from high pressure areas to low pressure areas, this is what causes wind to travel from closer to coastal areas to our inland deserts. This is also why we tend to see higher levels of wind later in the day.

What Part of Palm Springs is Windy?

As a general rule of thumb, the neighborhoods north of Vista Chino are going to be windiest, as well as you move closer to I-10.

If you've ever wondered why there are so many windmills north of Palm Springs, this is why. The communities north of the city, most notably Whitewater and North Palm Springs, also experience quite a bit more wind than other areas within the Coachella Valley.

What is the Windy Season in Palm Springs?

As locals will tell you, it can get pretty darn windy any time of the year, but generally Spring is the windiest time of the year - that's April through June for the most part. The reason for this? Well the shift from the relatively cooler weather of the winter months to the heat of summer is certainly most evident. As we know, wind is caused by systems of low and high pressure, caused primarily by shifts in temperature.

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