Palm Springs is an incredible place to live and vacation, and people have been flocking here for decades to make their dreams come true. What do you do if your property isn't' dream-worthy yet? 


These are some of the top trending remodeling ideas for your Palm Springs home and what you can do to pull it into the future. 

What is the Palm Springs Look?

Most Palm Springs properties lead towards minimal and modern looks. There's a strong emphasis on clean lines, gorgeous symmetrical facades, and white or neutral colors on the exterior of the property. This allows an incredible mix of coastal and contemporary living while still injecting a bit of glamor that elevates the entire property. 


To achieve this look and push it…

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There are few places with a history of mid-century modern homes like Palm Springs. Its connection to the design style makes Palm Springs' mid-century modern homes attractive. Many of the pioneers of this style did some of their best work in the area.

Finding the right one can be difficult with so many mid-century modern homes in Palm Springs. This post will cover a few things to consider when looking for a mid-century modern house in Palm Springs.

Finding Palm Springs Mid-Century Modern Homes

Types of Homes

You are probably familiar with the features of mid-century modern homes if you are reading this. However, there are different types of homes within the style. For example, you have ranch homes and raised ranch designs. There are also…

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The Palm Springs area is a scenic wonder. Seeing it from the ground is one thing, but the views from the air are incredible! The city’s architecture is one attraction, but you also have the beauty of the mountains and the desert landscape. With air tours and hot air ballooning in Palm Springs, you can experience the area in an entirely new way.

Read on to learn about some of the top air tours and ballooning experiences in Greater Palm Springs.

Aerial Tours and Hot Air Ballooning in Palm Springs

Fantasy Balloon Flights

Riding a hot air balloon is an aerial experience like no other. You can’t compare it to other options like planes or helicopters. The passengers get to experience being lighter than air as the balloon rises. With Fantasy…

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Palm Springs can be one of the best places to own a vacation rental. It is an attractive city with so much to offer as a tourist destination. However, you will need to learn the Palm Springs Airbnb rules. The city has strict regulations for short-term rentals (STR).

The city wants to maintain a nice environment for residents and visitors. Having rules for short-term rentals is a part of maintaining that environment. This post will look at some of the STR rules you need to know before investing in a vacation rental.

Palm Springs Airbnb Rules Investors Should Know

Register Your Rentals

Owners must register short-term rentals and obtain a permit from the city, and there are several steps required for getting that permit. For example, you will…

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Palm Springs is an attractive place to live. The weather is excellent, and the community is pleasant. People also love the unique architecture in the Palm Springs area. While owning a home is great, some might enjoy vertical living in Palm Springs. The apartments and condos in Palm Springs have a lot to offer.

While vertical living can be nice, it might be an adjustment for some people. This post will cover some things you need to know about vertical living in Palm Springs.

Tips for Vertical Living in Palm Springs

Learn the Rules of the Building

Whether it's a condo or an apartment, your building will have rules. There will be rules about parking, noise, the use of shared spaces, and more. There may even be rules concerning the process of…

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Palm Springs has a history of celebrity culture. With its proximity to the Los Angeles area, many celebrities consider it a nice getaway from Hollywood. The weather is nice and it's only a couple hours from the nation's showbiz capital. There is also a strong tradition of Spanish-style homes in Palm Springs.

If you are in the city, checking out some of the celebrity homes can be a fun way to spend some time. Read this post to learn about some Spanish-style celebrity homes in Palm Springs.

Celebrity Spanish-Style Homes in Palm Springs

Villa Carmelita

210 Camino Carmelita

Villa Carmelita is a Spanish-style luxury house once home to the music duo Sonny & Cher. It is a 5-bedroom home with a swimming pool and fireplaces. The pool is in a…

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The Greater Palm Springs area has a lot of good coffee shops. You will also find a few excellent coffee shops in Palm Desert, CA.

If you are looking for your next coffee place to try, you’re in luck. We have a list of the top-rated coffee shops in Palm Desert! Read on to learn more.

Try These Coffee Shops in Palm Desert, CA

Cups Cafe

77912 Country Club Drive, Unit 3 - 760-200-0333

If you are looking for a spot to enjoy breakfast, lunch, or brunch, Cups Cafe is worth a try. While more of a full cafe than just a coffee shop, they still have excellent coffee. They offer different varieties and brewing methods. You can sip your coffee with breakfast items like shrimp frittatas or their signature egg sandwich, and you can also enjoy their…

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Palm Springs real estate is attractive to all sorts of buyers. People want to move here for the pleasant weather and world-class amenities. Investors also love the Palm Springs area because the market tends to be strong. However, you might wonder if now is a good time to sell or buy a home in Palm Springs.

Palm Springs is often a sellers’ market. Home prices tend to hold strong or increase over time. Even when prices go down, it is usually temporary. If you hold the real estate long enough, you should be able to turn it around for a profit. For buyers, that usually means the earlier you can buy, the better.

There are times when the market can favor buyers or sellers. However, there is more to it than the general state of the market. Various trends…

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Anyone paying attention to the housing market will have heard the recent predictions of a market correction. With interest rates increasing and prices decreasing, it has been the subject of much speculation. Many economists believe there is already a market correction underway nationally.

Just because the national market is in correction doesn't mean every regional market is also. A market like Palm Springs is unique, as not only is it a very desirable place to live, it's also a popular tourist destination. This post will cover a few points that indicate whether the Palm Springs housing market is in correction.

Signs of Palm Springs Housing Market Correction

Days on the Market

The number of days homes sit on the market can indicate where the…

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Rancho Mirage has an abundance of luxury resorts and recreational spots for kids and adults. You can also find many holiday party venues in Rancho Mirage. Whether a big party or just friends and family, there is a venue for your event.

Aside from taking a holiday break, why not bring the whole family and crew together?

Head to Rancho Mirage as your destination for holiday party venues. Check out this post for some of our picks for venues to hold holiday parties in Rancho Mirage.

Click here for part 1 to find more holiday party venues.

Holiday Party Venues in Rancho Mirage Part 2

The Ritz Carlton in Rancho Mirage

Frank Sinatra Drive - (760) 321-8282

This luxury five-star resort is only 45 minutes from the city's top attractions.…

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