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Top 3 Palm Springs Neighborhoods for Active Adults (55+)

The top three best Palm Springs neighborhoods for active adults all have things in common, monthly HOA fees, countless amenities, and are in close proximity to shopping, restaurants, and other community services. Here are the top three best neighborhoods for active adults:

Four Season’s Palm Springs

The Four Season’s Palm Springs is the most sought after gated community in Palm Springs for active adults. In this community, you will find larger detached homes with a minimum of 2,000 square feet of livable space and amazing views. Within the neighborhood, you will have access to a fitness center, swimming pools, spas, tennis courts, yoga, and much more!

With so much included the value is huge compared to monthly HOA fees.

This neighborhood

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work out equipment in palm springs

When you move to Palm Springs, you might notice everyone’s wardrobe is about the same: shorts and t-shirts. Except for more formal occasions when folks opt for a polo shirt.

For most months of the year, clothing is scanty. Expect to show lots of skin.

Hence, the abundance of gyms, fitness studios, and outdoor activities of various kinds to help you look your best. In and out of clothes.


The Palm Springs area – and for our purposes, we’re limiting ourselves to Palm Springs and Cathedral City – has many of familiar, chain gyms. They vary in size, price, hours and clientele. Most have aerobic classes of some kind, and maybe yoga or mat Pilates. Not all are mentioned here.

A good practice is to visit each on a trial basis and see which

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Luxury Trends In Palm Springs Real Estate

We often see interior design trends that are influenced by cultures and styles of the world. 

This year, however, we are seeing a shift from styles to functions.

As a result of more people being at home more often and for longer periods of time, there has been a need to have a more comfortable, functional space that offers personalized statement pieces.

Here are a few luxury design trends to on the look for, organized by rooms in your house.

Living Room Luxury

Custom free-form furniture is big right now - specifically sofas that are not the typical “sofa shapes”. Look for furniture that has curved edges that don’t create standard shapes.

Try warm colors like saffron, turmeric and mustard all coordinated with blues greens and reds.

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The COVID-19 pandemic brought America to its knees, closing businesses and schools, eliminating travel, and disrupting lives. People everywhere were urged to stay home. Riverside County and Palm Springs in particular enacted strict regulations: requiring masks in public, shutting down bars, closing restaurants except for outdoor dining and take out, and restricting most tourist attractions. Palm Springs busiest tourist season was wiped out. No Coachella Festival, no Stagecoach, no tennis tournament. No Tram!

Is it OK to look on a bright side? Palm Springs’ residents have certain advantages that are the envy of city dwellers in these tough times. So much so that some part-time residents who maintain vacation or weekend homes in the desert abandoned

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condos in palm springs golf resort

Palm Springs has rightly earned a lofty position when it comes to Southern California vacation destinations. The dynamic city has become a mecca for wellness with a booming spa industry and an unmatched reputation for world-class golf.

This reputation as a vacation and second home destination have led to a proliferation of stunning condo developments, many in very appealing resort-like settings.

The low maintenance lifestyle this type of property provides makes them ideal as short-term vacation rentals or investment properties as well as part-time residences. We’re talking about you snowbirds.

Join us as we explore the 6 Palm Springs condo developments that you should know about.

Ocotillo Lodge

Built back in 1957, Ocotillo Lodge has

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While each city in California has its own unique charm, Palm Springs is still considered the gem.

With beautiful mid-century architecture and a Hollywood a-list history, this charming desert city has become a popular hub for retirees, the LGBT community and people looking to have a good time.

Are you thinking of moving to this beautiful city? Whether moving permanently or on vacation, here are some things you should know about Palm Springs.

Palm Springs is Known for Its Vibrant & Rich Culture

Palm Springs has the largest concentration of beautiful art museums, galleries and theaters in California where local, as well as world-renowned artists, showcase their work.

Additionally, we have an iMax theater for movie buffs. Look everywhere

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Over the years Palm Springs, CA has been home to a number of architectural revivals and as a result a diverse palate of home styles have become available.

Explore the rich architectural styles in Palm Springs homes! Homes and buildings in Palm Springs California have been influenced by a robust history of famous architects since the 1920s.

Mid-Century modern

Perhaps one of the most popular easily identifiable architectural styles in Palm Springs is the mid-century modern style. Mid-century modern design is influenced by famous architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Paul Williams and Craig Ellwood to name a few.

Characterized by low pitched roofs and large windows, these single story homes boast open floor plans making them highly sought

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Palm Springs Winter Playground, Vintage Postcard

There are any number for reasons to visit the Coachella valley, from the annual, internationally renowned music festival, the high-class shopping, to the year-round excellence of the golf courses in Palm Springs. There is positively no shortage of things to do. 

No matter your reason, take a quick glance at this brief list of the nine different towns in the valley. You may just discover a new favorite!

Palm Springs

Perhaps best known as an escape for 20th century celebrities, Palm Springs prides itself on its upkeep of the spirit of its original inhabitants, the Cahuilla Indians.

The top-tier spas and resorts have made this town a destination for any traveler, international or not. All year long, you can find activities and events for all

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inside real estate: the escrow process explained

There’s a lot that goes on between the time you make an initial offer on a new home and the date you move in. It’s part of the reason that hiring a real estate professional is so necessary - a real estate transaction is complex, with many moving parts that you may not fully understand.

My goal with my new Inside Real Estate recurring feature is to shed some light on some of the lesser known facets of the real estate industry and de-mystify some of terms you’ve heard thrown around, but were to shy to ask about.

First up: the Escrow Process.

What is escrow? How does the process differ in this part of California? Why does it matter to me?

Those are great questions - let’s dive right in!

What is Escrow?

The particulars of the escrow

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4 most Walkable Palm Springs Neighborhoods

In a place like Palm Springs where more than 90% of days are sunny, it makes sense that residents want to take advantage of the superb weather and exchange their car keys for their sneakers and walk to wherever their weekly errands take them. However, depending on where a neighborhood is, that's not always feasible.

If you're in the market for a walkable Palm Springs home, consider these Palm Springs neighborhoods.

Ruth Hardy Park

When it comes to centrally located Palm Springs neighborhoods, it's hard to beat the affluent community of Ruth Hardy Park. 

Downtown is less than a mile away, and most can make the walk in about fifteen minutes. As such, residents will find that a fun night out on the town is never more than a short walk from

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