People love the classic mid-century modern homes of Palm Springs. The city has its own unique take on the design style that attracts people from all over. However, you need to be careful when caring for and renovating a mid-century modern home in Palm Springs.

Sure, you might want to restore features or add some modern updates, but you also want to maintain the classic appeal. If you're not careful, you could lose some of the modernist aesthetic. It could almost be like an art restoration gone wrong.

What do you need to know about renovating mid-century modern homes in Palm Springs? This post will cover some points to consider when working on these homes.

Palm Spring Real Estate Market Watch

As of September 2023, the median number of days to…

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When it comes to owning a condo in Palm Springs, it's essential to understand the ins and outs of your insurance policy. Whether you're a new condo owner or have had your property for years, understanding the fine print of your insurance policy is crucial to protecting your investment and ensuring peace of mind. Keep reading to learn how to get the most out of your condo insurance policy!

3 Smart Ways To Decode Your Condo Insurance Policy

Condo insurance is a crucial aspect of protecting your home and belongings. It is essential to have a good understanding of the coverage provided by your policy, as well as what your policy excludes. This knowledge will enable you to make informed decisions when selecting a policy that suits your needs. By…

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Palm Springs is an incredible place to live and vacation, and people have been flocking here for decades to make their dreams come true. What do you do if your property isn't' dream-worthy yet? 


These are some of the top trending remodeling ideas for your Palm Springs home and what you can do to pull it into the future. 

What is the Palm Springs Look?

Most Palm Springs properties lead towards minimal and modern looks. There's a strong emphasis on clean lines, gorgeous symmetrical facades, and white or neutral colors on the exterior of the property. This allows an incredible mix of coastal and contemporary living while still injecting a bit of glamor that elevates the entire property. 


To achieve this look and push it…

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While Palm Springs is among the most popular cities in California for its rich history, incredible art and architecture and thriving nightlife and dining scene, there’s also plenty to do in the surrounding area. 

Take a trip up to the High Desert area to discover the many restaurants, golf clubs, parks and museums that can be found here. 

What Are The High Desert And Low Desert In California And Where Are They Located?

The High Desert and Low Desert are informally bordered areas in California that are mostly a distinction known to locals of the area. 

High Desert (also known as Mojave Desert) is about 2,000 feet above sea level, and situated just north of the Low Desert (also known as the Sonoran Desert), which typically sits at about 500 feet…

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Putting your home up for sale during a seller's market is optimal, as it will generally result in the completion of the sale with the greatest returns and the least hassle.
However, a bit more nuance is involved in negotiating the best price during this ideal time.
To help you out, we've developed some tips to ensure you get the most out of your home sale during this beneficial time.

What is a Seller’s Market?


A seller's market is created when there aren't enough houses in the local market to meet its demands. 

Those lucky enough to sell their house in a seller's market will typically be able to list the house at a higher asking price, and the house will spend less time on the market — typical of any sale where there's low supply and high…

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palm springs, a top second home or vacation home market in the US

Palm Springs is a hugely popular destination for second home ownership, and there’s a good reason for that.

Many of them!

Buyers worldwide are attracted to this city thanks to its warm winter climate, vibrant culture and, of course, beautiful architecture.

But, if you’re still weighing up your options, here are several factors that make Palm Springs a top second home destination.

It’s Great for All Ages

Palm Springs is family-friendly and favorable for all ages - from older adults to kids.

Many older adults retire to Palm Springs as the year-round dry climate is good for them. Yes, it's a desert, so it can get very hot during the summer months - but everybody has air conditioning and misters. It's a dry heat!

If you're into…

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More often than not, downsizing is a viable course of action for older adults looking to improve their quality of life in their golden years. This is because downsizing, in a nutshell, essentially reduces expenses and responsibilities on the home front, which is a change that many retirees and empty nesters welcome wholeheartedly. 

Of course, this generally entails selling long-time homes to move to smaller, more manageable, and more accessible ones. Much of the success of one’s downsizing efforts depends on finding the perfect lifelong home where you can thrive in comfort and safety for the rest of your life. Here are some of the most important features you should look for as you begin your search.

Safety First

There’s no question that your…

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As if searching for the right house, making the offer, and closing escrow aren’t enough, now you actually have to move!

How are you going to furnish the place? If you’re buying in Pam Springs, chances are you’ve selected a contemporary, a Midcentury Modern, or a Spanish/Mediterranean style home. Will your Seattle apartment’s French settee and or your San Francisco Edwardian flat’s Louis VX dining set go with your new digs? And if your Palm Springs home is used as a second home, or maybe as a part-time vacation rental, you’ll have to find some practical, durable furniture. 

Luckily, Palm Springs is the place to be for vintage, contemporary and consigned furnishings. Savvy shoppers from all over Southern California make the trip out to the desert…

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If you’re looking for a home in Palm Springs, and you’re not from the southwest, the landscaping around here may be unfamiliar, even confusing. On the one hand, you’ll see lush, Mediterranean gardens, with green lawns, tropical-looking palms, bougainvillea, olive and citrus trees. On the other, lots of rock and gravel, some spikey-looking things, and a few trees that don’t appear to have much going on in the leaf or shade department. And if you’re into gardening, trying to figure out what to do with your new yard can be intimidating.

Golf courses in a desert?

People forget: this is a desert. All Southern California is dry. And we just came out of a years-long drought, with water rationing, rate hikes, and a mandated push toward drought resistant…

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If you have a dog, you’ll see that Palm Springs is a very welcoming place for your best friend. If you don’t have a dog, you may just decide to get one (or two) after you settle in to your new home here.

Dogs are everywhere in Palm Springs, and the chill atmosphere seems to effect them just like it does its human residents. You’ve never seen such an assembly of the most well-behaved, laid back pups. Maybe it’s because of all the places they can go with you and all the other dogs they get to meet. 

People clearly love their dogs here and take them everywhere – to restaurants, parks, shopping and on hikes. 

Patio Dining

If you haven’t already noticed, the Palm Springs climate lends itself to outdoor dining, and many restaurants and coffee shops…

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