As the years go by, retirement is an inevitable stage of life that most people look forward to. After several years of hard work, saving for retirement is crucial to achieving a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle for your golden years. And what better way to spend them than in the beautiful city of Palm Springs? Let's explore why you must buy a condo in Palm Springs!

5 Reasons To Buy A Condo In Palm Springs for Your Retirement

Abundance of Sunlight

If you're a retiree looking for an energetic and sunny spot to spend your golden years, Palm Springs is the place to be! You can enjoy various outdoor activities and dining experiences with its warm weather and sunshine. Warm weather throughout the year makes it perfect for retirees to enjoy outdoor…

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There are few places with a history of mid-century modern homes like Palm Springs. Its connection to the design style makes Palm Springs' mid-century modern homes attractive. Many of the pioneers of this style did some of their best work in the area.

Finding the right one can be difficult with so many mid-century modern homes in Palm Springs. This post will cover a few things to consider when looking for a mid-century modern house in Palm Springs.

Finding Palm Springs Mid-Century Modern Homes

Types of Homes

You are probably familiar with the features of mid-century modern homes if you are reading this. However, there are different types of homes within the style. For example, you have ranch homes and raised ranch designs. There are also…

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Palm Springs is an attractive place to live. The weather is excellent, and the community is pleasant. People also love the unique architecture in the Palm Springs area. While owning a home is great, some might enjoy vertical living in Palm Springs. The apartments and condos in Palm Springs have a lot to offer.

While vertical living can be nice, it might be an adjustment for some people. This post will cover some things you need to know about vertical living in Palm Springs.

Tips for Vertical Living in Palm Springs

Learn the Rules of the Building

Whether it's a condo or an apartment, your building will have rules. There will be rules about parking, noise, the use of shared spaces, and more. There may even be rules concerning the process of…

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Palm Springs real estate is attractive to all sorts of buyers. People want to move here for the pleasant weather and world-class amenities. Investors also love the Palm Springs area because the market tends to be strong. However, you might wonder if now is a good time to sell or buy a home in Palm Springs.

Palm Springs is often a sellers’ market. Home prices tend to hold strong or increase over time. Even when prices go down, it is usually temporary. If you hold the real estate long enough, you should be able to turn it around for a profit. For buyers, that usually means the earlier you can buy, the better.

There are times when the market can favor buyers or sellers. However, there is more to it than the general state of the market. Various trends…

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Anyone paying attention to the housing market will have heard the recent predictions of a market correction. With interest rates increasing and prices decreasing, it has been the subject of much speculation. Many economists believe there is already a market correction underway nationally.

Just because the national market is in correction doesn't mean every regional market is also. A market like Palm Springs is unique, as not only is it a very desirable place to live, it's also a popular tourist destination. This post will cover a few points that indicate whether the Palm Springs housing market is in correction.

Signs of Palm Springs Housing Market Correction

Days on the Market

The number of days homes sit on the market can indicate where the…

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view of palm springs, california from simonetta kennett viewpoint

OK, it’s not really invisible.

But it is a map that won’t appear on Google Maps or your nav system. And it is a map you’ll want to refer to when looking for Palm Springs real estate.
We’re talking about a map indicating where the fee simple and lease land is in Palm Springs and the surrounding area. People searching for homes to buy in Palm Springs may be unfamiliar with the concept, that is, the difference between fee simple (or just plain “fee”) and lease land because they come from someplace with only fee land.

And it’s confusing because fee land sounds like you have to pay a “fee.” But it’s lease land where you need to make a (usually) monthly payment, basically like rent, because you don’t own the land your home sits on; you lease it. 

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With an incredible view of the San Jacinto mountains surrounding this quiet neighborhood, it's no surprise La Quinta is known as the gem of the desert. 

Containing affluent options for homeowners as well as more economical options, La Quinta homes are sure to impress at first sight of these picturesque homes.

In this week's post, we'll look at why La Quinta real estate contains some of the finest options in Palm Springs. 

La Quinta Real Estate

Homes in the La Quinta area take inspiration from the natural beauty of the area, so many of these are modern and mid-century modern builds emphasizing merging indoor and outdoor spaces. 

On the higher end, these homes are the picture of luxury — floor-to-ceiling windows, chef’s kitchens, and…

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4 most Walkable Palm Springs Neighborhoods

In a place like Palm Springs, where more than 90% of days are sunny, it makes sense that residents want to take advantage of the superb weather, exchange their car keys for their sneakers, and walk to wherever their weekly errands take them. However, that's not always feasible, depending on where a neighborhood is.
Consider these Palm Springs neighborhoods if you're in the market for a walkable Palm Springs home.

Ruth Hardy Park

Regarding centrally located Palm Springs neighborhoods, it's hard to beat the affluent community of Ruth Hardy Park. 

Downtown is less than a mile away; most can walk in about fifteen minutes. As such, residents will find that a fun night out on the town is never more than a short walk from their homes. Along the way,…

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Spanish style homes have been an architectural mainstay across the southwest United States for hundreds of years. 

Also referred to as Spanish Colonial homes, this style was introduced by conquistadors who brought the style from Spain because they knew how to build them and it served them well in the dry desert climate.

Before we take a look at the 4 best neighborhoods in Palm Springs for Spanish style homes, let’s take a quick look at some of the features that make this architectural style so unique. 

Features of Spanish Style Homes

Spanish style homes are perfect for the Palm Springs area because they are naturally cooling in the summer and warm in the winter. This is due to the white stucco or adobe exteriors — materials that work to…

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If you love to travel and explore the world, buying a vacation property must be on your list.
Palm Springs is one beautiful city that you should consider investing in.
When planning to buy a vacation property, people tend to look at the cities in the southwest.
These cities tend to have comparable climates during winter, but that's about it.
This blog post is dedicated to providing comprehensive information regarding Palm Springs and why the city tops the list when buying a vacation property in California. Take a look.

Weather in Palm Springs

Palm Springs tends to have milder weather relative to other cities in the surrounding area. Often, it is observed to be less humid and cooler than cities like Phoenix.

The Size of Palm Springs


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