Spring is an excellent time to be in Palm Springs. The weather is gorgeous, but it hasn't yet reached the intense heat of summer. It's why many of the area's top events are at this time of year.

Residents and visitors can also enjoy a range of springtime activities in Palm Springs. Read on to learn about some of the fantastic activities you can try this spring.

4 Springtime Activities Around Palm Springs

1. Downtown Palm Springs

Go to the bustling Downtown area to discover the exquisite dining establishments and upscale shops. It serves as the epicenter for entertainment, hosting many events that make it an ideal destination for a memorable experience. The renowned Camelot Theatre is here, so add it to your itinerary. Downtown can offer a nice…

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Are you new to Palm Springs or considering a move to our beautiful city? It takes time for many of the city's newcomers to adjust to the weather. Unlike many other cities in the US, Palm Springs has a warm and sunny climate. There are 250 days of sunshine on average in Palm Springs. The rainfall average is only 5 inches per year. For this reason, Palm Springs is an outdoor playground where you can enjoy an active lifestyle.

The hottest months in Palm Springs are July, August, and September. Experts recommend staying indoors during the day to avoid the extreme heat. Air conditioning is also essential when living in Palm Springs.

Here are some things to prepare regarding the weather in Palm Springs.

the Weather In Palm Springs

Expect a Dry…

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Palm Springs is an incredible place to live and vacation, and people have been flocking here for decades to make their dreams come true. What do you do if your property isn't' dream-worthy yet? 


These are some of the top trending remodeling ideas for your Palm Springs home and what you can do to pull it into the future. 

What is the Palm Springs Look?

Most Palm Springs properties lead towards minimal and modern looks. There's a strong emphasis on clean lines, gorgeous symmetrical facades, and white or neutral colors on the exterior of the property. This allows an incredible mix of coastal and contemporary living while still injecting a bit of glamor that elevates the entire property. 


To achieve this look and push it…

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People move to Palm Springs to gain a higher quality of life. They want to experience less screen time and a more active lifestyle. Palm Springs is a less crowded city that offers affordable housing. Apart from this, Palm Springs has some of the best healthcare facilities. It's mostly sunny in the desert oasis, making it a perfect destination for retirees.

This post will look at some of the cities people leave when they move to Palm Springs.

People Who Move to Palm Springs Come From These Cities

Washington D.C.

Washington, D.C., is a big city with a younger population. It has a higher cost of living. As the nation's capital, it is a hub for political and business affairs, making it a fairly busy city. The city also has harsh winters and humid…

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Desert wildflowers around Palm Springs include Bladderpod, Cheesebush, California Poppy, Chuckwalla's Delight, Primrose, Palo Verde, and Desert Dandelions. These flowers are great for photo shoots and even as a souvenir.

This post will cover different wildflowers, when they grow, and where you can find them.

Different Wildflowers Around Palm Springs


Cheesebush is a wildflower that grows in the Palm Desert. The plant has a cheese-like scent when you crush the tip of the stem. It is also called Cheeseweed, Burro Bush, and Desert Pearl. The Cheesebush blooms in spring and can be seen at the Joshua Tree National Park.


Bladderpod originates in Southern California and Baja California. This plant blossoms during spring.…

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