Palm Springs is a known favorite destination for celebrities and a growing hub for private aircraft travelers and owners. The market for private jets is again soaring, resulting in high demand for private aircraft storage. There's a unique real estate investment opportunity to take here and invest in private aircraft hangars in Palm Springs.

Here are five benefits of investing in a private aircraft hangar in Palm Springs.

Benefits of Investing in Private Aircraft Hangars in Palm Springs

High Demand

California has the country's 3rd most private aviation flights and the largest private jet fleets, behind only Florida and Texas. The increase in consumer demand for private jets created a scarcity of aircraft storage.

Although Palm Springs has…

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Birdwatching or "birding" is an inexpensive hobby you can take up anywhere and anytime. And to start, you only need three things: a bird guide, binoculars, and a birding destination. Grab your binoculars and get ready for a day of birding excursions in the best birdwatching spots around Palm Springs.

Take advantage of the top three birdwatching spots around Palm Springs to guarantee a spectacular birdwatching adventure.

Top 3 Go-to Birdwatching Spots Around Palm Springs

Prescott Preserve

1801 E Sunny Dunes Rd - (760) 385-8255

Start your day surrounded by nature and wildlife in the Prescott Preserve. It's still under restoration and will include an expansive butterfly garden and habitats for mammals, birds, bees, and more.

Native plants…

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Antiques are attractive to many, whether due to historical interest, rarity, aesthetics, or sentimental value. Owning a prized antique can provide a sense of pride and enjoyment. Collecting is also a fulfilling hobby. If you want to add a piece to your collection, consider visiting the renowned antique shops in Palm Springs.

Must-Visit Antique shops In Palm Springs

Sunny Dunes Antique Mall

Sunny Dunes Antique Mall is a dedicated 15,000-square-foot building that offers visitors a diverse range of antique dealers. You'll find shops specializing in furniture, home decor, jewelry, art, and collectibles. The mall provides high-quality antiques at reasonable prices.

In addition to its extensive selection of unique items, the mall hosts various…

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When planning for your next big event, you deserve a well-organized, high-quality space. That's why the Palm Springs Convention Center has become increasingly popular as the go-to destination for hosting memorable events.

Are you planning an event in the Palm Springs area? Read on to learn more about what makes the Palm Springs Convention Center a great venue.

3 Reasons To Host Your Next Big Event at Palm Springs Convention Center

Prime Location

The Palm Springs Convention Center is in the heart of downtown. The location is easily accessible for out-of-town attendees. Palm Springs Airport is just 5 minutes away! It is easy to get to and from the convention center.

The convention center is also convenient for accommodations and amenities.…

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