Are you considering a move to Palm Springs or the Coachella Valley in sunny Southern California?

Geoffrey Moore is an experienced Palm Springs real estate agent that specializes in relocation. He's a long-time resident of the valley and ready and willing to share all the tips and tricks he's learned over the years. Discover the lesser known hidden corners of Palm Springs and all the best this dynamic and vibrant city has to offer.

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Downtown Palm Springs is known for its culture, shopping, dining, and entertainment options. There are several attractive neighborhoods near Downtown Palm Springs. Each one has a unique feel and style. Read on to learn about a few of the neighborhoods near downtown.

Palm Springs Real Estate Market Watch

As of July 2023, the median sale price of homes in Palm Springs was $523,000. Real estate data changes daily. If you need to buy or sell a home in the Palm Springs area, please click here to contact us.

Interesting Neighborhoods near Downtown Palm Springs

Old Las Palmas

This neighborhood features historic and contemporary homes, many surrounded by lush landscaping. Old Las Palmas is known for its luxury estates and celebrity residents.

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Palm Springs is a great place to live. But even fans of living in Palm Springs have things they don't like about this beautiful city. There's no such thing as the perfect place to live but if there were, Palm Springs would be it!

That said, it's part of the reason people looking to move to a new city do research. What might seem to be a great place on the surface might not fit the bill. This post will cover a few pros and cons of living in Palm Springs.

Pros of Living in Palm Springs

Laid-Back Lifestyle

People living in Palm Springs love its laid-back lifestyle and vibe. Shorts and flip-flops are common attire. Most businesses also have a relaxed attitude. While Palm Springs has the amenities of a big city, it doesn't have that dense, rushed…

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Palm Springs is an attractive place to live. The weather is excellent, and the community is pleasant. People also love the unique architecture in the Palm Springs area. While owning a home is great, some might enjoy vertical living in Palm Springs. The apartments and condos in Palm Springs have a lot to offer.

While vertical living can be nice, it might be an adjustment for some people. This post will cover some things you need to know about vertical living in Palm Springs.

Tips for Vertical Living in Palm Springs

Learn the Rules of the Building

Whether it's a condo or an apartment, your building will have rules. There will be rules about parking, noise, the use of shared spaces, and more. There may even be rules concerning the process of…

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Palm Springs real estate is attractive to all sorts of buyers. People want to move here for the pleasant weather and world-class amenities. Investors also love the Palm Springs area because the market tends to be strong. However, you might wonder if now is a good time to sell or buy a home in Palm Springs.

Palm Springs is often a sellers’ market. Home prices tend to hold strong or increase over time. Even when prices go down, it is usually temporary. If you hold the real estate long enough, you should be able to turn it around for a profit. For buyers, that usually means the earlier you can buy, the better.

There are times when the market can favor buyers or sellers. However, there is more to it than the general state of the market. Various trends…

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Anyone paying attention to the housing market will have heard the recent predictions of a market correction. With interest rates increasing and prices decreasing, it has been the subject of much speculation. Many economists believe there is already a market correction underway nationally.

Just because the national market is in correction doesn't mean every regional market is also. A market like Palm Springs is unique, as not only is it a very desirable place to live, it's also a popular tourist destination. This post will cover a few points that indicate whether the Palm Springs housing market is in correction.

Signs of Palm Springs Housing Market Correction

Days on the Market

The number of days homes sit on the market can indicate where the…

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Do you dream of surfing in Palm Springs? Several surf parks are launching from 2023 onwards. Artificial waves are possible with wave pool technology that pumps waves of different sizes and forms.

Wave architects are performing tests to ensure the safety of the wave basins. Others are also looking into sustainable methods to care for the environment. 

Learn more about these remarkable surf park projects below.

Where to Go Surfing in Palm Springs From 2023 Onwards

Palm Springs Surf Club

1500 S Gene Autry Trail, Palm Springs, CA

The Best Surf Clips: PSSC Test Tank 2020 from SURF LOCH on Vimeo.

Pono Parnters LLC acquired the former “Wet ‘N Wild” waterpark in 2019 to develop a Palm Springs Surf Club. Master wave architects Cheyne…

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If you are thinking about relocating to another city in the US, you should consider Palm Springs, California. Many people are moving to Palm Springs and making it their permanent home. 

The city has seen over 13 percent growth over the last ten years. An additional 35,000 to 40,000 people add to this growing number every winter, and around 2 to 3 million visit the Coachella Valley annually. So what's the attraction?

Here are five reasons why people keep coming to Palm Springs.

5 Reasons Why Many are Moving to Palm Springs

The weather is fantastic.

It's no secret that California has beautiful weather, but Palm Springs takes it to a new level. With an average temperature of 78 degrees year-round, you can enjoy the sunshine without worrying…

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Palm Springs may be known for its amazing golf courses and tropical weather, but it's even better known for its mid-century modern architecture. 

The city is brimming with these beautiful mid-century modern homes, which gives the area an aesthetically pleasing, unique style..

You know you're looking at a mid-century modern home if it's built with three prominent characteristics, the first being minimalism.

These homes have sleek lines and simple designs that prioritize functionality over everything else. Nothing about the architecture of these homes is superfluous.

The next characteristic is an emphasis on nature. And what better place to bring nature into the home than in Palm Springs? Most of these homes have large floor-to-ceiling windows…

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Situated just around three hours away from Mexicali and Tijuana to the south, less than two hours away from Los Angeles to the west, and four hours away from Phoenix, AZ to the east, the amount of sights to see and activities to do in the nearby vicinity keeps Palm Springs life exciting. 

That’s not to say that Palm Springs doesn’t have a lifetime of things to do just within the city limits. It’s a bustling city with a vibrant nightlife, a thriving art scene and multiple year round festivals.

But for those looking to live in a city that offers more options in the nearby vicinity, Palm Springs makes for the perfect mix of things to do within the city as well as events to find and cities to explore nearby. 

To help get you excited about Palm…

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Moving to Palm Springs is a dream for a lot of people. It is considered the playground of Hollywood stars because of its sunny weather, excellent golf courses, and luxury amenities. The Palm Springs area has been the go-to destination for decades.

Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Leonardo DiCaprio, The Kardashians, and Kirk Douglas are a few celebrities who have owned estates in Palm Springs. This side of paradise is also an LGBTQ-friendly community. 

Things You Should Know Before Moving to Palm Springs

The Weather Is Sunny 269 Days a Year On Average

Palm Springs is a desert city that is hot in the morning and cold at night, with very little precipitation throughout the year. The highest temperature is in July, averaging 108°F. On the other hand,…

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