palm spring versus los angeles: a cost comparison

Palm Springs is a vibrant community unlike any other. It’s a destination, pure and simple.

But, it’s a destination among many destinations. The truth is, the state of California is home to many iconic cities - arguably more than any other state in America. And the simple truth is, people want to live here.

So, in a state with such an iconic reputation, how does one city stand above the rest?

The rising costs of owning a home have cut many out of the market completely. San Francisco in the north, and indeed Los Angeles, have both been well publicized in this regard.

So, let’s dive a little deeper, as the trend of home buyers moving away from the bigger cities continues into 2021. With a population of just 47,140 compared to LA’s nearly 4…

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Palms Springs is easily one of the most instantly recognizable cities anywhere in the United States. It might be the desert cactuses bordered by towering mountain peaks or it might be the easy cool of the city's unique architecture, or it just might be the unapologetic drive of its residents to forge their own path.

Whatever the reason, few cities feature as many fantastic highlights and photogenic hotspots, ripe for instagram as Palm Springs. With that said, here are a few of our favorite of Palm Springs Most Instagrammable Spots.

There's no way we've included them all, so please let us know in the comments below, if we've missed anything huge!

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Moorten Botanical Garden & Cactarium

Moorten Botanical Garden is…

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Palm Springs Architects: The Masters of Mid-Century Modern Design

Searching for a home in Palm Springs can be more than simply an exercise in looking at property; it's a master class in Mid-Century Modern architecture. The Palm Springs architects who designed many of the homes in Palm Springs were masters of their craft and helped to shape the mid-century modern movement. There are few places with such a concentration of well-preserved and restored examples of some of the most renowned architects of residential property from the middle of the last century.

Palm Springs grew at a time when suburban tract homes were going up all over Southern California, but whereas redevelopment and sprawl overwhelmed some of the mid-century neighborhoods in more…

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mid century modern style home in a palm springs neighborhood

There are few things that are as emblematic of the city of Palm Springs as the Mid-Century Modern Style of architecture (except maybe Palm Trees). This particular style proliferated big-time in the 1950s and 1960s, and local's love affair with these homes hasn't faded yet.

While you can find many fine example of mid-century modern homes across the city, there are few special neighborhoods that host an especially plentiful bounty.

Join us as we tour these 5 Palm Springs Mid-Century Modern Neighborhoods - you won't be disappointed.

Twin Palms

Twin Palms in South Palm Springs is a true valley original.

The captivating and well-established neighborhood exists in the shadow of both the towering San Jacinto and Santa Rosa Mountains. This…

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