Situated just around three hours away from Mexicali and Tijuana to the south, less than two hours away from Los Angeles to the west, and four hours away from Phoenix, AZ to the east, the amount of sights to see and activities to do in the nearby vicinity keeps Palm Springs life exciting. 

That’s not to say that Palm Springs doesn’t have a lifetime of things to do just within the city limits. It’s a bustling city with a vibrant nightlife, a thriving art scene and multiple year round festivals.

But for those looking to live in a city that offers more options in the nearby vicinity, Palm Springs makes for the perfect mix of things to do within the city as well as events to find and cities to explore nearby. 

To help get you excited about Palm…

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Moving to Palm Springs is a dream for a lot of people. It is considered the playground of Hollywood stars because of its sunny weather, excellent golf courses, and luxury amenities. The Palm Springs area has been the go-to destination for decades.

Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Leonardo DiCaprio, The Kardashians, and Kirk Douglas are a few celebrities who have owned estates in Palm Springs. This side of paradise is also an LGBTQ-friendly community. 

Things You Should Know Before Moving to Palm Springs

The Weather Is Sunny 269 Days a Year On Average

Palm Springs is a desert city that is hot in the morning and cold at night, with very little precipitation throughout the year. The highest temperature is in July, averaging 108°F. On the other hand,…

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While Palm Springs is among the most popular cities in California for its rich history, incredible art and architecture and thriving nightlife and dining scene, there’s also plenty to do in the surrounding area. 

Take a trip up to the High Desert area to discover the many restaurants, golf clubs, parks and museums that can be found here. 

What Are The High Desert And Low Desert In California And Where Are They Located?

The High Desert and Low Desert are informally bordered areas in California that are mostly a distinction known to locals of the area. 

High Desert (also known as Mojave Desert) is about 2,000 feet above sea level, and situated just north of the Low Desert (also known as the Sonoran Desert), which typically sits at about 500 feet…

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Bermuda Dunes sits in Coachella Valley, in Riverside County, Ca, and it's home to magnificent landscapes, including San Jacinto, San Bernardino, and the Santa Rosa mountain ranges. Additionally, the weather is sunny, and temperatures are great, especially in the fall, winter, and spring. Moreover, most people prefer to visit and stay here because of the quiet and clean environment. The weather and scenery make it ideal for playing golf in Bermuda Dunes. You can enjoy the comfort of a relaxing atmosphere and outstanding golf courses in unparalleled condition. 

Bermuda Dunes Country Club

While there's only one club in Bermuda Dunes, the area has well over 100 golf courses and plenty of options for a great game. 

Architect Billy Bell Jr. designed…

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view of palm springs, california from simonetta kennett viewpoint

OK, it’s not really invisible.

But it is a map that won’t appear on Google Maps or your nav system. And it is a map you’ll want to refer to when looking for Palm Springs real estate.
We’re talking about a map indicating where the fee simple and lease land is in Palm Springs and the surrounding area. People searching for homes to buy in Palm Springs may be unfamiliar with the concept, that is, the difference between fee simple (or just plain “fee”) and lease land because they come from someplace with only fee land.

And it’s confusing because fee land sounds like you have to pay a “fee.” But it’s lease land where you need to make a (usually) monthly payment, basically like rent, because you don’t own the land your home sits on; you lease it. 

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