View of Palm Springs sign

Palm Springs is so synonymous with Hollywood and celebrity life that stars have flooded this oasis town since before it was even incorporated as a city in 1938. 

With its many golf courses, ideal climate and proximity to Hollywood, many celebrities have enjoyed taking time in this relaxing scenic town in the shadow of the San Jacinto Mountains.

Considering that, we’ll look at the many celebrities calling Palm Springs home.

What Celebrities Have Had Palm Springs Homes?

The connection Palm Springs has had to Hollywood began in the 1920s when movie stars such as Janet Gaynor and Charlie Farrell started to realize that this idyllic haven was a welcome retreat from the prying eyes and media frenzy of Tinseltown.

Once Greta Garbo, Robert…

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View of palm trees near Palm Springs real estate

While Palm Springs attracts thousands of tourists a year for its world-famous golf courses, casinos and restaurants, plenty of other unique Palm Springs activities draw visitors and locals alike.
The sunny climate, combined with the stark beauty of its oasis-like scenery at the foot of the sublime San Jacinto Mountains, creates the perfect area for multiple natural and human-made attractions.
To ensure you don’t miss out on some of the best-hidden gems of Palm Springs, we’ve come up with a guide of four lesser-known activities to do in the area.

Shields Date Gardens

Date crops have been growing in Palm Springs since the late 1800s when the USDA realized that the local climate is similar to this fruit's natural homes in North Africa and the…

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Artist creating a mural as seen nearby Palm Springs real estate

Murals are an important and often overlooked part of community art that does a lot to create vibrant neighborhoods that encourage us to slow down, take in our surroundings and (as all good art does) facilitate conversations about big ideas.
With all the other draws of Palm Springs life, some may not realize that the city has a wealth of famous murals drawn all over its walls, bringing the city to life in an energetic way.
While there are too many to name here, we’ve created a list of six Palm Springs murals to visit while strolling through this city’s already scenic streets.

Mountain Charmers

Los Angeles-based artist Christina Angelina created this influential Central Palm Springs mural in 2013, and its effects on the local mural scene can’t be…

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4 most Walkable Palm Springs Neighborhoods

In a place like Palm Springs, where more than 90% of days are sunny, it makes sense that residents want to take advantage of the superb weather, exchange their car keys for their sneakers, and walk to wherever their weekly errands take them. However, that's not always feasible, depending on where a neighborhood is.
Consider these Palm Springs neighborhoods if you're in the market for a walkable Palm Springs home.

Ruth Hardy Park

Regarding centrally located Palm Springs neighborhoods, it's hard to beat the affluent community of Ruth Hardy Park. 

Downtown is less than a mile away; most can walk in about fifteen minutes. As such, residents will find that a fun night out on the town is never more than a short walk from their homes. Along the way,…

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