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Murals are an important and often overlooked part of community art that does a lot to create vibrant neighborhoods that encourage us to slow down, take in our surroundings and (as all good art does) facilitate conversations about big ideas.
With all the other draws of Palm Springs life, some may not realize that the city has a wealth of famous murals drawn all over its walls, bringing the city to life in an energetic way.
While there are too many to name here, we’ve created a list of six Palm Springs murals to visit while strolling through this city’s already scenic streets.

Mountain Charmers

Los Angeles-based artist Christina Angelina created this influential Central Palm Springs mural in 2013, and its effects on the local mural scene can’t be overstated. 

Depicting two women in war paint holding a giant snake, the piece works with the architecture of the buildings it’s situated on while creating a striking statement by choosing to only use color for the snake and the paint on the women’s faces. 

Appealing to younger influences in a way that other murals hadn’t up to that point, Christina Angelina opened the door for a renaissance of new murals that started popping up all over the city. 

View Mountain Charmers Here

Colette Miller Wings

One of the most famous (and Instagrammed) murals in recent memory has been Colette Miller’s Los Angeles wings, which she created in 2012 and has since brought and repurposed to cities all across the United States, one-stop being Palm Springs.
These famous wings can be seen on the side of The Rowan Hotel and have been specifically created with a rainbow palette to commemorate Palm Springs’ quintessential gay community.

View The Colette Miller Wings Here

Love & Peace — ROSES

Another classic Central Palm Springs piece, this 15 x 15-foot mural of Marilyn Monroe with a crown of flowers, was created by artist Curry Mendes.

Perfectly serving to tie the city’s past connection to celebrities such as Marilyn to the present and the future with modern surrealism and art form, this piece perfectly represents the Palm Springs aesthetic. 

View The Love & Peace — ROSES Here

Desert Highland Mural

Dating back to 1998, this classic mural sits in the Desert Highland Gateway Estates neighborhood. It is the work of Richard Wyatt, Jr., an accomplished muralist who has received numerous commissions for works in cities nationwide for over 30 years. 

This beautiful piece ties community with sport, so it’s no wonder it can be seen on the side of the James O. Jessie Desert Highland Unity Center, where residents connect through the power of competition and team play.

View Desert Highland Mural Here

Las Tias

Created as a collaboration between Hawaii-based artist Sofia Enriquez and students of the Palm Springs Art Museum northeast of the Historic Tennis Club district, this striking mural took a week to make and serves as a conversation piece between the matriarchal figures of the artist's life and the paisley patterns on the dresses they wore, serving to create a sense of comfort in the viewer. 

View Las Tias Here

Palm Springs Community Mural

Anne Marie Lapitan created this important mural, and it serves to celebrate the city's history, specifically its LGBTQ+ community that is so inherent to Palm Springs' past.
This colorful mural depicts several pioneers of diversity from the area, including a local pride event and some covers of LGBTQ+ publications, all tied together by the symbolism of the rainbow flag.

View The Palm Springs Community Mural Here

Woman in Glasses

Famous collaborators James Haunt & Zes MSK worked to create this stunning, colorful piece in Chino Canyon of a woman wearing sunglasses that not only demands the viewer's attention but also seems to change depending on their position.

Perfectly capturing a sense of the paradisiacal Palm Springs weather on an eye-catching color palette, this mural is a must-see for lovers of the art form.

View Woman In Glasses Here

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