Many homeowners want the characteristics of mid-century modern homes. It is because mid-century modern design complements the American lifestyle. Its popularity dates back to post-World War II, when architects like Frank Lloyd Wright and Marcel Bruer introduced the style. The style highlights natural surroundings, simplicity, and indoor and outdoor spaces for quality family time. 

Get to know some of the characteristics of mid-century modern homes you can apply to your home.

Characteristics of Mid-Century Modern Homes

  1. Split-level Spaces

Most mid-century modern architects split the kitchen and dining area using partition walls and elevated the floor. This method helps maximize the floor area and creates an integrated space. 

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Are you looking for a job in Palm Springs? Major companies in Palm Springs offer a variety of work opportunities. You have 15.6% of the population working in the accommodation and food services sector. Healthcare and social assistance is the second predominant industry with 14.2% workers. Apart from this, retail ranks third with 10.1% of workers. 

Many people work in hotels, resorts, and restaurants because Palm Springs is a desert resort city. People from all over visit the city for both leisure and business. 

These are some of the largest employers for people moving to Palm Springs.

Major Companies in Palm Springs

Agua Caliente Casinos 

Agua Caliente is in Rancho Mirage, Cathedral City, and Palm Springs. The company's annual revenue is…

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