Many homeowners want the characteristics of mid-century modern homes. It is because mid-century modern design complements the American lifestyle. Its popularity dates back to post-World War II, when architects like Frank Lloyd Wright and Marcel Bruer introduced the style. The style highlights natural surroundings, simplicity, and indoor and outdoor spaces for quality family time. 

Get to know some of the characteristics of mid-century modern homes you can apply to your home.

Characteristics of Mid-Century Modern Homes

  1. Split-level Spaces

Most mid-century modern architects split the kitchen and dining area using partition walls and elevated the floor. This method helps maximize the floor area and creates an integrated space. 

  1. Diverse Textures

Apart from multi-level spaces, mid-century homes combine varied textures like stone and brick, glass, rustic beams, and angular walls. The abundance of textures helps homeowners imagine and feel the beauty of their homes.

  1. Home Decor as Accents

Home accessories with a simple yet exciting shade accentuate coffee tables, bookshelves, and furniture. They give the home an element of surprise.

  1. Floor to Ceiling Windows

Floor-to-ceiling windows also enhance the value of a property because of their accessibility to nature. Most residents choose this type of window to let them see a panoramic view of bodies of land and water. This feature is pet and child friendly, but it also creates a relaxing view of the outdoors.

  1. Furniture with Clean and Sculptural Lines

Mid-century modern furniture creates a simple yet striking look using manufactured and natural materials. Most of the table is wood veneer, plexiglass, and sleek wood accentuated with home decor.

  1. Flat Roofs

Flat roofs with clean and straight lines are usually the indicator of a mid-century modern home. However, it is not entirely flat; it has a slight sloping tip that forms the head of the roof. This type of roof can make way for a rooftop garden or deck for viewing outdoors. 

Mid-century Modern Home Maintenance

Although mid-century modern homes require more maintenance than the typical contemporary home, they certainly can raise your quality of living. It can help you connect with nature and with your loved ones. Our health and relationships are two things that money can’t buy, so why not choose a mid-century home?


The characteristics of mid-century modern homes can change over time, but it is still a popular style in Palm Springs. Own a luxurious mid-century modern home where your loved ones can thrive. Call Geoffrey Moore at (760) 641-5689 now.

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