The weather in Coachella is hot and dry, which increases perspiration and makes the scalp oily. Additionally, it can make your hair brittle. Protect your hair from this damage by visiting the best hair salons in Cathedral City. 

Cathedral City Hair salons offer products designed to protect your hair and scalp from the heat. They also have treatments to repair damaged hair. 

Best Hair Salons In Cathedral City

Visit any of the best hair salons in Cathedral City and get healthy and shiny hair.

Norma's Hair Salon

27765 Landau Blvd # 102, Cathedral City - (760) 327-9541

Trim your long hair or retouch hair color and highlights at Norma's Hair Salon. Their services include haircuts, highlights, color, repairing tapered hair, and retouching…

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Palm Springs's average rainfall is only 4.7 inches a year, making it the sunny capital of California. Travelers can expect the dry season from September until December. These months are the perfect time to book Palm Springs vacation rentals.

Check out this Palm Springs vacation rental list and find the best places to stay for your next trip.

Palm Springs Vacation Rentals

Racquet Club Retreat

797 E Spencer Drive, Palm Springs - (800) 544-0300

Ideal for families or small groups, the Racquet Club Retreat features a butterfly-roofed home designed with crisp lines. Guests can enjoy amenities like a private pool, BBQ grill, and air conditioning. Pets are welcome on the property too. The property can fit up to eight people with four bedrooms…

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Celebrate Christmas with colorful lights and lively music. The Palm Springs Festival of Lights 2022 is coming on December 3rd. It is always a way to bring fun, art, and charm to the holiday season. The Festival of Lights is considered one of the top holiday parades in the US. It is also one of the top events in the Coachella Valley. The Festival of Lights features beautiful floats, marching bands, and lively performances on Palm Canyon Drive. 

How the Palm Springs Festival of Lights 2022 Started

In the 1990s, the community created the event to ignite the spirit of joy in the holiday season. Former mayor, William Kleindienst, was an architect with a reputation as a skilled float designer. While the parade started small, it became a popular tourist…

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There are so many reasons to celebrate throughout life. Whether it is a wedding, birthday party, or an anniversary, you want to find the right venue. Fortunately, there are event spaces near La Quinta for every occasion. 

Plan a private party or celebrate with guests at La Quinta's beautiful and spacious venues. Select from the event spaces below to find a place that fits your needs.

Event Spaces Near La Quinta

Lavender Bistro

78-073 Calle Barcelona  - (760) 564-5353

Visit one of the best romantic restaurants in Greater Palm Springs. Lavender Bistro features three party spaces: the dining patio, the main dining room, and the fireside lounge. Enjoy live music every night, half-priced wine on Tuesdays, and no corkage fee on Sundays. They also…

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Palm Springs is one of California's most popular vacation destinations. Visitors love the desert's warm, sunny weather. People also come for the natural hot springs, luxury resorts, unique restaurants, and much more. Check out this list of the top Palm Springs desert activities you can do on your next visit! 

Palm Springs Desert Activities 

Palm Springs desert is great whether you're traveling alone, with friends, or with family. The city is best known for its warm weather, pools, and golf courses. But that is just the beginning of what the area has to offer. You can do many things, no matter what kind of adventure you desire.

Here's a list of the top Palm Springs desert activities you can do on your next trip: 

Hike through Joshua Tree…

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Do you want to increase your followers on Instagram? Maybe you want some cool photos for your friends to see. If you’re in Palm Springs, there are plenty of unique places to snap a photo or do a short reel. Head to these Insta-worthy spots in Palm Springs to get incredible shots for your feed.

Hotel California

424 E Palm Canyon Drive - (760) 322-8855

Rise early, put on your outfit of the day, and strike a pose at Hotel California’s entrance. You will find many opportunities for Instagram pictures at this location. Just make sure to wear something bright and colorful to stand out. Of course, don’t forget to push “Hotel California” by the Eagles as your background music. 

Palm Springs Windmill Farm

62950 20th Avenue - (800) 531-5834

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Do you want the best sushi In Palm Springs? Sushi is originally from China. However, Japan is considered the sushi capital of the world. Sushi came from narezushi, a famous Chinese dish consisting of salted raw fish and fermented rice rolls. Initially, they threw out the rice and ate the fish, probably because it was used as a preservative to keep the fish fresh. 

 Today, people from across the world share a love of sushi. There are 4,000+ sushi restaurants in the US with innovative dishes like sushi burritos and sushi bowls. The city of Palm Springs has 12 sushi places you must try. 

 Explore our list of the best sushi in Palm Springs below. 

Best Sushi in Palm Springs

Sandfish Sushi & Whiskey 

1556 N Palm Canyon Drive

Taste sushi that…

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Make mornings delightful with breakfast served by some of the best dining spots in Downtown Palm Springs. Whether you are celebrating a milestone or just out for a good meal, indulge in an array of breakfast options, including American, French, and Mexican food. Skip cooking and satisfy your taste buds with these top-rated breakfast places in Downtown Palm Springs. 


Breakfast Spots in Palm Springs



622 N Palm Canyon Dr


Cheeky's is a popular breakfast spot near the Movie Colony where anyone would be willing to wait. Why? Because this farm-to-table breakfast spot makes regular dishes extraordinary! For instance, they add mascarpone and red currants to their French toast. They also have new menu items every Wednesday. Try…

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Palm Springs may be known for its amazing golf courses and tropical weather, but it's even better known for its mid-century modern architecture. 

The city is brimming with these beautiful mid-century modern homes, which gives the area an aesthetically pleasing, unique style..

You know you're looking at a mid-century modern home if it's built with three prominent characteristics, the first being minimalism.

These homes have sleek lines and simple designs that prioritize functionality over everything else. Nothing about the architecture of these homes is superfluous.

The next characteristic is an emphasis on nature. And what better place to bring nature into the home than in Palm Springs? Most of these homes have large floor-to-ceiling windows…

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While Palm Springs may be more popularly known for its mid century modern homes, it's also got a wealth of homes built in beautiful Spanish architecture as well. Also known by a multitude of other names such as Spanish Colonial, Mediterranean, Spanish Eclectic and Mission Revival, these homes can be identified by their eye towards a blend of adobe architectural designs from Mexican Indigenous populations as well as American Colonial designs. 

Spanish Architecture homes can be distinguished by red terra cotta roofs, white stucco walls, decorative iron workings, exposed wooden beams and arched doorways. 

In this article, we'll be taking a look at four Palm Springs neighborhoods that have some of the finest examples of Spanish Architecture homes in…

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