Are you looking for a different kind of craft beverage experience near Palm Springs? Then, you might be excited to hear there is a mead brewery not far from the city. The famous Batch Mead Brewery near Palm Springs has quickly gained a reputation for its high-quality and innovative mead creations. This family-owned business has become a beloved destination for locals and tourists alike. Keep reading to learn about this unique beverage experience!

Location: 42225 Remington Ave # A25, Temecula

Call: (951) 435-6016

Open: Thurs 3-8 PM, Fri 3-9 PM, Sat 3-9 PM and Sun 12-5 PM

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4 Things To Know About Batch Mead Brewery Near Palm Springs

1. How It All Began!

Back in 2013, Derek started his brewing adventure thanks to a delightful mix-up in a wine kit given to him by Danielle. As fate would have it, a mishap with Chardonnay grapes led Derek to discover the wonderful world of mead. He eagerly brewed his very first batch. After that, he went on a journey of experimentation - spanning over nine years and more than 300 mead batches.

Derek eventually decided to leave his tax firm behind and dedicate himself to his newfound love. Alongside Danielle, he explored more than 50 meaderies and got involved with the mead culture. Finally, they found their perfect spot in the picturesque town of Temecula. It is where they decided to start their very own mead venture called Batch!

2. Famous For Flavors

Since 2010, Derek Busch has been into the art of creating mead. They also make hard cider. Derek's love for mead drives his passion. On the other hand, his interest in chemistry added to his dedication. He believes in refining every Batch with an unwavering commitment to constant enhancement. Batch Mead has gained quite the reputation for crafting exceptional meads and ciders bursting with unparalleled flavors. 

Check out our showcased review of Batch Mead Brewery:

"Take a breather from the brewery scene and give Batch Mead a try! Their meads and ciders are out of this world, and the staff is exceptional. They even offer a delightful meat and cheese board if you feel hungry. Or, you're welcome to bring your treats to munch on. Plus, it's a kid-friendly spot with plenty of parking available. Trust me, a visit here is an absolute must!" - AD, 5 Stars

3. Online Presence

Batch Mead serves customers online as well. It takes pride in its commitment to offering customers the utmost convenience. Customers can now explore an extensive range of high-quality mead options with just a few clicks. Ordering is also easy, and they'll ship the mead to your house.

4. Tasting Rooms

They believe in creating small-batch meads and ciders, handcrafted using the finest local ingredients. Batch invites you to join them at their tasting room, where the doors are open from Thursday to Sunday. Experience their extensive range!

From the moment you step into the brewery, you'll notice the sweet aroma of honey. You'll also get a warm welcome from the friendly staff. As you settle in, take a moment to admire the ambiance. Batch Mead Brewery near Palm Springs is famous for its inviting atmosphere and exceptional mead. Locals and tourists love to visit Temecula to check out this mead brewery!

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