Due to its proximity to Hollywood, Palm Springs has been tied to the culture of Tinseltown even before this oasis town was incorporated in 1938.

Much of this was due to the “two-hour” rule, a famous rule in many actors’ contracts that they could live no more than two hours away from the movie set they were working on. 

Thus, Palm Springs became a haven for some of the biggest names in the business, as this beautiful town was and remains an ideal combination of perfect weather, exquisite nightlife, and so much to do year-round. 

For your reading pleasure, we’ve gathered the best connections to Old Hollywood’s history in Palm Springs.

Frank Sinatra’s Unique Party Alert

Frank Sinatra was known for hosting some of the most lavish parties in…

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Palm Springs has a long history of being known as the city of swimming pools, as this oasis town had over 2,000 pools for residents to cool off in by the mid-1960s — meaning there’s an average of one pool for every six people living there.

A quintessential aspect of Palm Springs, residents love knowing there’s always a pool nearby to hop in and escape the California sun. 

From the palm tree-lined streets of Palm Desert to the bright lights of Downtown Palm Springs, swimming pools are a popular feature all across Palm Springs.

In this post, we’ve come up with a list of reasons why life in Palm Springs is even better with a pool out your back door. 

Ease and Convenience In Your Backyard

While there are plenty of pools in Palm…

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For those looking to live in the desirable oasis town of Palm Springs affordably, the properties in Desert Highland Gateway Estates may be just what you’re looking for.

Heading east into Palm Springs on the 111, this quintessential Palm Springs neighborhood is one of the first visitors to this oasis town to see through the palm trees that line this popular highway.

With a combination of single-story homes typical of the area and a surprisingly affordable price range, these properties are ideal for potential Palm Springs residents looking to move to this historic California town. 

Read on for more reasons why Desert Highland Gateway Estates could be the perfect place for you to make your next move! 

Desert Highland Gateway Estates…

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Palm trees are a quintessential part of the Palm Springs aesthetic, with hundreds lining any street in this popular town. Palm trees are thirsty plants, so they can only survive in an oasis — making Palm Springs the perfect area for these trees to thrive.
While it may seem like this California town got its name from the presence of these trees, this is not the case.
The name originally came from Spanish explorers who named the area La Palma de la Mano de Dios (The Palm of God’s Hand), so it’s entirely coincidental that this area also came to be a perfect place for palm trees to grow.
In this post, we’ll be looking at some of the most popular types of palm trees that make Palm Springs such an exotic place to live.

Fan Palm Trees in Palm Springs

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Palm Springs is known for its decadent lifestyle and superior culinary scene, so it’s no wonder this oasis city is chock full of incredible cocktail bars. With so many places to enjoy these handcrafted libations, we’ve compiled a list of five of the best cantinas and speakeasies in town.

Truss & Twine

Located between the El Mirador and Old Las Palmas districts, this unique cocktail bar has a firm grasp on the past while keeping its eyes on the future. 

With multiple cocktails from various eras, from the Golden Age to the Dark Ages, the cocktails here are as clever as they are delicious, made with premium ingredients by talented bartenders.

Be sure to also try the food here, with standout fare such as the Wagyu Oxtail Grilled Cheese.

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Joshua Tree in Joshua Tree National Park

The Palm Springs area has endless things to do — festivals, a great local food scene, endless shopping opportunities and golf courses- all common activities that residents here can take advantage of. 

But one of Palm Springs’ most popular and internationally famous areas lies not within but just north of this oasis city — The Joshua Tree National Park.

This national park borders the northern side of Palm Springs. It provides homeowners with the ideal day trip to explore the many geological formations and its Joshua Trees.

Joshua Tree National Park Information

Located just north of Palm Springs, Joshua Tree National Park is a nationally preserved area that spans nearly 800,000 acres — larger than the entire state of Rhode Island!


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