Rightly or wrongly, Palm Springs mobile homes get a bad rap. The truth is that they do have some drawbacks, but so does any type of home you’d consider purchasing. One of the best things about the Palm Springs real estate market is its incredibly diverse nature. There are different property types and purchase arrangements tailor-made for the many different types of buyers out there.

Palm Springs mobile homes can be a fantastic option for certain types of buyers - especially if you are a first-time home buyer looking to get a foot in the market, a part-time resident or an investor.

We’ve compiled this guide to buying a Palm Springs mobile home to help any would-be buyer.

What Exactly is a Mobile Home?

The term has evolved over the years.…

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spanish style property entryway in Palm Springs, California

There are two prevalent building styles in the Palm Springs area. There's the celebrated Mid-Century Modern building style Palm Springs is so well known for, and then there is also the Spanish-style home that dates back to California's early days.

Both architectural styles have several benefits when it comes to both style and practicality.

Here are four reasons to buy a Spanish-style home in Palm Springs:

A Timeless Style

Its classic style is the biggest draw of a Spanish-style home for sale in Palm Springs. Since Palm Springs was first settled, these houses have been a popular building style. Many years later, the style is still prevalent.

With corrugated red-tile roofs, white stone exteriors, decorative wrought-iron detailing, and…

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Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley have become increasingly desirable places to live. The laid-back lifestyle it provides and endless sunny days make it irresistible for home buyers, vacationers and investors.

But like any popular vacation destination, as public interest rises, so inevitably do home values and sales prices.

Luckily, there are still deals to be had. Unlike numerous other hotspots across California, Palm Springs remains surprisingly affordable if you know where to look.

With that said, let's take a closer look at some of up-and-coming Palm Springs neighborhoods in 2021.


Demuth Park

More than any other Palm Springs area, the Demuth Park…

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If you could look at the real estate market across California and nothing else, you might call it a banner year. Of course, nothing in real estate is that simple.

2020 was one for the record books across the Palm Springs real estate market, the Coachella Valley, California, and the world.

The pandemic profoundly affected how the vast majority of us lived our lives this year, but somehow, the real estate market not only persevered - it thrived.

Predictions at the pandemic's beginning weren't so rosy - there were a lot of unknowns. There was even a bit of a slowdown in the marketplace amid this uncertainty in late Spring as Summer approached. These fears turned out to be misplaced, as median sales prices registered growth of 10% compared to…

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