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There are two prevalent building styles in the Palm Springs area. There's the celebrated Mid-Century Modern building style Palm Springs is so well known for, and then there is also the Spanish-style home that dates back to California's early days.

Both architectural styles have several benefits when it comes to both style and practicality.

Here are four reasons to buy a Spanish-style home in Palm Springs:

A Timeless Style

Its classic style is the biggest draw of a Spanish-style home for sale in Palm Springs. Since Palm Springs was first settled, these houses have been a popular building style. Many years later, the style is still prevalent.

With corrugated red-tile roofs, white stone exteriors, decorative wrought-iron detailing, and arched doorways, it's easy to know when you're standing in front of a Spanish home. The architectural style is distinctive and incredibly beautiful. Inside, many of these houses feature custom tilework in which each tile was hand-painted or carefully placed as part of a pattern. You'll often find custom brickwork as well in these handsome houses.

Other popular design choices include tower-like chimneys, which add a nice decorative touch.

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Eco-Friendly Construction

There's no doubt that Spanish homes visually belong in their high desert setting. They seem to fit the same sandy hues as their surroundings. Exteriors are often crafted from adobe or stucco, which comes from the sandy soil where the houses are built.

Because of this fact, the construction of a Spanish-style home for sale has a smaller environmental impact than other homes because exterior building materials do not need to be shipped vast distances.

Anyone who has lived in a stone or brick house can tell you that these materials transfer temperature slowly. In the high desert, this is exactly what you want.

Typical Palm Springs and Coachella Valley weather includes evening temperature drops and warm spikes in the afternoon. Stone surfaces adjust more slowly, meaning that Spanish-style homes retain the warmth of the afternoon throughout the chill of the night and help keep your interiors cool for a hot day. This helps homeowners save on heating and cooling costs.

Because most Spanish homes are painted white, there's also the fact that their pristine surfaces deflect the worst of the sun's heat.

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Connect To The Outdoors

A popular feature of many Spanish-style homes in Palm Springs is the courtyard.

Initially designed as a space where residents could cook in the summer without super-heating their homes, today, this is the perfect place to sit in the sun and enjoy a chilled glass of your favorite iced beverage in Palm Spring's mild climate.

Many more contemporary houses have a loggia in place of a courtyard. For some homeowners, the loggia is a preferable structure. Usually located off of the kitchen or dining area, these rooms have walls on three sides and a ceiling.

As such, they let the fresh air roll in but shelter residents from sudden rains and direct sunlight.

Location, Location, Location

Whether you're hoping to be close to the downtown core where art galleries, cafés, and a vibrant nightlife congregate, or you'd like to be in a family-friendly neighborhood close the Palm Springs High School, you can rest assured that finding a Spanish-style home for sale in Palm Springs is easy.

As one of the two prominent building styles in the area, there is no shortage of these homes. Find Spanish homes for sale near the golf course, in view of the San Jacinto Mountains, and within walking distance of schools.

In Palm Springs, you can pick a housing style you like in a neighborhood that suits all your needs.

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