Do you want the best sushi In Palm Springs? Sushi is originally from China. However, Japan is considered the sushi capital of the world. Sushi came from narezushi, a famous Chinese dish consisting of salted raw fish and fermented rice rolls. Initially, they threw out the rice and ate the fish, probably because it was used as a preservative to keep the fish fresh. 

 Today, people from across the world share a love of sushi. There are 4,000+ sushi restaurants in the US with innovative dishes like sushi burritos and sushi bowls. The city of Palm Springs has 12 sushi places you must try. 

 Explore our list of the best sushi in Palm Springs below. 

Best Sushi in Palm Springs

Sandfish Sushi & Whiskey 

1556 N Palm Canyon Drive

Taste sushi that…

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Make mornings delightful with breakfast served by some of the best dining spots in Downtown Palm Springs. Whether you are celebrating a milestone or just out for a good meal, indulge in an array of breakfast options, including American, French, and Mexican food. Skip cooking and satisfy your taste buds with these top-rated breakfast places in Downtown Palm Springs. 


Breakfast Spots in Palm Springs



622 N Palm Canyon Dr


Cheeky's is a popular breakfast spot near the Movie Colony where anyone would be willing to wait. Why? Because this farm-to-table breakfast spot makes regular dishes extraordinary! For instance, they add mascarpone and red currants to their French toast. They also have new menu items every Wednesday. Try…

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Have you considered vertical living in Palm Springs, CA? Couples and families moving to Palm Springs get a condominium and apartment for practical reasons. Compared to houses, vertical developments require less maintenance for unit owners, and the price is also more affordable. 

The exciting part of vertical living in Palm Springs, CA, is you get elevated views of the mountains and sunset since condos and apartments are two stories high or more. On the other hand, residential homes only have one floor per Palm Springs' law.

Reasons to Go Vertical Living in Palm Springs, CA


Mid-market condos listed for $200,000 and above are an option for those who can't own a house or don't want the hassle of maintaining a home. In contrast,…

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Swim with a panoramic view of the San Jacinto Mountains. Get recommendations to score the best pool day pass in Palm Springs. There are in the neighborhood of 40,000 pools within the Palm Springs area. Most are private, but there are public swimming pools. Other pools also embody a unique style based on location. 

Pool hop to the world's famous desert oasis by getting the best pool day passes. 

Best Pool Day Passes in Palm Springs, CA

Palm Springs Rendezvous Bed and Breakfast

1420 N Indian Canyon Dr.

Get a five-star experience in this three-star B&B located in Downtown Palm Springs. The place is perfect for couples who want to spend the night in a desert oasis. They have a jacuzzi, heated swimming pool, and outdoor pool for guests to enjoy.…

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Wellness resorts in Palm Springs offer travelers an oasis to relax and rejuvenate their minds and body. They offer a variety of spa treatments like aqua therapy, massages, and body wraps. Apart from these, guests can choose mineral hot spring baths, sound baths, yoga, and salt and mud baths.

Release the stress and reset with these idyllic wellness resorts in Palm Springs, CA.

Wellness Resorts in Palm Springs

St. Somewhere Spa

Margaritaville Resort Palm Springs, 1600 North Indian Canyon Drive

Somewhere Spa offers soothing spa experiences, including skin therapies, massages, and beauty treatments. Try their signature treatments, such as the oxygen facial with vitamin C for anti-aging and neroli massage to relieve stress. Other treatments…

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There are four popular neighborhoods in Palm Springs with mid-century modern homes. Deepwell Estates, Indian Canyons, Twin Palms, and Vista las Palmas. The dry, warm climate explains why mid-century modern homes are so popular in Palm Springs. 

Also, these neighborhoods are home to Hollywood celebrities. Additionally, there's a one-story-per-residence rule so that neighbors won't block each other's view of the mountains.

What a fantastic rule, right? Apart from this, there are more reasons to own a Palm Springs mid-century modern home. 

Reasons to Own a Palm Springs Mid-century Modern Home


There's something special about owning a Palm Springs mid-century modern home, and it's because of the vintage look. Unlike more…

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