There are four popular neighborhoods in Palm Springs with mid-century modern homes. Deepwell Estates, Indian Canyons, Twin Palms, and Vista las Palmas. The dry, warm climate explains why mid-century modern homes are so popular in Palm Springs. 

Also, these neighborhoods are home to Hollywood celebrities. Additionally, there's a one-story-per-residence rule so that neighbors won't block each other's view of the mountains.

What a fantastic rule, right? Apart from this, there are more reasons to own a Palm Springs mid-century modern home. 

Reasons to Own a Palm Springs Mid-century Modern Home


There's something special about owning a Palm Springs mid-century modern home, and it's because of the vintage look. Unlike more contemporary homes, mid-century modern homes compose a mix of artificial and natural resources like wood veneer and plexiglass. These materials blend with the natural surroundings, achieving balance with the surroundings.


Apart from being chic, mid-century modern home design is also functional. Mid-century modern homes' clean lines and smooth surfaces give the space an uncluttered look. Geometric furniture like the Dax molded fiberglass chair saves space while the womb chair adds comfort through its footstool. Period lamps also add soft and warm light to any room.


The economy of design and style are the perks of a mid-century modern home. Also, the neat and simple lines give more opportunities to accessorize—place ornaments with colors that pop on tables or shelves or add indoor plants to liven the atmosphere. The only rule to styling a mid-century modern home is to keep it simple yet exciting. 


Accessibility to open spaces and gardens is a significant factor when having children, pets, and the elderly. It creates a safe and sustainable environment. Plus, a one-story house is safer for those in wheelchairs or couples with small children, not to mention easier on the body with no stairs to climb.


The cost of mid-century modern homes in Palm Springs has soared recently as the design has seen a resurgence in popularity. People are looking for more spaces close to nature, and Palm Springs' mid-century modern homes certainly fit the bill. The demand is high for those who want mid-century modern home design, especially in the cooler months. To top it off, the presence of celebrities in Palm Springs has raised the value of these homes. 


So, are you considering a Palm Springs mid-century modern home purchase? If so, we can help! Call Geoffrey Moore at (760) 641-5689 to get started. We'll help you find the perfect home for you.

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