Find adventure, relaxation, and one-of-a-kind experiences in California's desert paradise. Top honeymoon destinations in Palm Springs, CA, have luxurious pools and spas, romantic villas, and inspiring attractions. 

Make great memories together. Check out our list of top honeymoon destinations in Palm Springs.

Best Honeymoon Destinations in Palm Springs, CA

L' Horizon Hotel and Spa

1050 East Palm Canyon Drive - (760) 323-1858

Rewind to the Golden Age of Hollywood at L' Horizon Hotel and Spa, where guests can relax like a celebrity. The adult-only hotel sits on a beautiful 3-acre site with 25 bungalows offering luxury and privacy. Additionally, you can dine alfresco at So Pa Restaurant. Choose from healthy breakfast choices, wines, and…

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RV'ing offers a lot of benefits like breathing fresh air and reducing stress. With the best RV parks in the Palm Desert area, you can have a hassle-free camping experience.

Palm Desert temperatures at night drop to 72°F in July and 71°F in August. However, the best months to camp are March and November, when the weather is milder.

Drive your RV to these parks in Palm Desert at just the right time of year and enjoy outdoor activities.

Best RV Parks in the Palm Desert Area

Emerald Desert

76000 Frank Sinatra Dr - (760) 406-5240

Drive to Emerald Desert and experience top-notch RV resort amenities. Emerald features desert luxury with facilities like an event lawn, ballroom, billiard room, bbq grills, and heated pool and spa. They even have…

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Fishing is a favorite American pastime. In fact, in 2020, 55 million went fly-fishing, saltwater fishing, or freshwater fishing in the U.S. With roughly 2 million anglers, California is one of the top fishing states. Surprisingly, waterways near the Bermuda Dunes like Lake La Quinta and Lake Cahuilla are great for fishing. Before you fish, get a fishing license and gear near Bermuda Dunes, CA. 

Where to Get Fishing Gear near Bermuda Dunes, CA

Big 5 Sporting Goods

78-710 CA-111, La Quinta - (760) 771-6626

Shop for top-notch fishing gear at Big 5 Sporting Goods. They have fishing gear designed for everyone with different brands such as Columbia and Berkeley. They also have fishing boots, nets, oars, kayaks, line cutters, and more. 


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Palm Springs is world-renowned for its wide selection of eateries and bars. They've got restaurants catering to fast food fans, casual eaters, and fine diners. A cake is always a delectable centerpiece for any celebration, whether birthdays or weddings. These occasions are never complete without one, and luckily, there are services in the area that can provide you with the perfect cake. Here's where you can get a custom cake in Palm Springs.

4 Places To Get A Custom Cake in Palm Springs

Crown Town Cakes 

1050 Ramon Rd - (760) 760-2253

There's no other place to get Palm Spring's most delicate desserts than in Crown Town Cakes. This bakery delivers high-quality pastries that cater to your taste. They have a variety of signature designs for you…

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