Palm Springs is one of California's most popular vacation destinations. Visitors love the desert's warm, sunny weather. People also come for the natural hot springs, luxury resorts, unique restaurants, and much more. Check out this list of the top Palm Springs desert activities you can do on your next visit! 

Palm Springs Desert Activities 

Palm Springs desert is great whether you're traveling alone, with friends, or with family. The city is best known for its warm weather, pools, and golf courses. But that is just the beginning of what the area has to offer. You can do many things, no matter what kind of adventure you desire.

Here's a list of the top Palm Springs desert activities you can do on your next trip: 

Hike through Joshua Tree…

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Horseback riding has a history as a part of Palm Springs culture. There is even a strong tradition of horse racing with the Palm Springs Field Club, which opened in 1935. Today, riding is still a popular activity among residents. Read this post for some of the most popular places for horse riding in Palm Springs. 

Where to Go Horseback Riding in Palm Springs

Smoke Tree Stables 

2500 S. Toledo Ave. - (760) 327-1372

This family-operated equestrian center has more than 150 miles of riding trails to thrill riders of all skill levels. A few places you'll see on the track are the Indian Canyons and Cahuilla Peak. You may book online guided rides. Apart from the tour, Smoke Tree Stables offers equine therapy to individuals with trauma, abuse, and…

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Do you dream of surfing in Palm Springs? Several surf parks are launching from 2023 onwards. Artificial waves are possible with wave pool technology that pumps waves of different sizes and forms.

Wave architects are performing tests to ensure the safety of the wave basins. Others are also looking into sustainable methods to care for the environment. 

Learn more about these remarkable surf park projects below.

Where to Go Surfing in Palm Springs From 2023 Onwards

Palm Springs Surf Club

1500 S Gene Autry Trail, Palm Springs, CA

The Best Surf Clips: PSSC Test Tank 2020 from SURF LOCH on Vimeo.

Pono Parnters LLC acquired the former “Wet ‘N Wild” waterpark in 2019 to develop a Palm Springs Surf Club. Master wave architects Cheyne…

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Do you want to increase your followers on Instagram? Maybe you want some cool photos for your friends to see. If you’re in Palm Springs, there are plenty of unique places to snap a photo or do a short reel. Head to these Insta-worthy spots in Palm Springs to get incredible shots for your feed.

Hotel California

424 E Palm Canyon Drive - (760) 322-8855

Rise early, put on your outfit of the day, and strike a pose at Hotel California’s entrance. You will find many opportunities for Instagram pictures at this location. Just make sure to wear something bright and colorful to stand out. Of course, don’t forget to push “Hotel California” by the Eagles as your background music. 

Palm Springs Windmill Farm

62950 20th Avenue - (800) 531-5834

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