palm spring versus los angeles: a cost comparison

Palm Springs is a vibrant community unlike any other. It’s a destination, pure and simple.

But it’s a destination among many destinations. The truth is the state of California is home to many iconic cities - arguably more than any other state in America. And the simple truth is people want to live here.

So, in a state with such an iconic reputation, how does one city stand above the rest?

The rising costs of owning a home have cut many out of the market completely. San Francisco in the north, and indeed Los Angeles, have both been well publicized in this regard.

So, let’s dive deeper as the trend of home buyers moving away from the bigger cities continues into 2021. With a population of just 47,140 compared to LA’s nearly 4 million, Palm Springs qualifies for the smaller center category.

Despite its smaller size, Palm Springs has much to offer interested homebuyers, including all the big city amenities you could ask for and much more!

Let’s dive in: Palm Springs vs. Los Angeles: a cost (and lifestyle) comparison.

Housing Costs

This is a big one.

Affordability is a primary consideration when choosing where to live and a huge migration driver throughout the United States.

Regarding housing, Palm Springs takes it easily - whether you are renting or buying.

The median cost of a home in Palm Springs is 66% less in Palms Springs, where the median price of a single-family home is $415,000, compared to $689,000 in Los Angeles.

That’s a nearly $300,000 difference, so it is hardly small potatoes.

If you’re a renter, though, it doesn’t get much better. The average rental cost in Palm Springs is $2,210 in Palms Springs - $2,908 in LA.

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But, What About the Lifestyle?

Well, on average, considering everyday expenses, living in LA is about 32% more expensive. So, while the average household income may be higher in Los Angeles, you’ll find your money going much further in the Coachella Valley.

Also, with a lower population comes less congestion. Yes, the population of Palm Springs does swell in the winter months; due to the inevitable influx of part-time snowbirds and vacationers, it’s markedly less congested than the larger city on the coast.

Another byproduct of the reduced population and congestion is much-improved air quality. The air quality found throughout the Coachella Valley is higher than the national average and higher than LA by an even more significant margin. On a 100 scale, the national average is 58.4, LA comes in at a dismal 35.5, and Palm Springs scores an impressive 75.5.

It’s good to be here.

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What Else Does Palm Springs Have Going for It?

It'd be a pretty monumental task to highlight all that the city of Palm Springs has going for it in a single post - we've tried. The city is one of the most sought-after vacation destinations in the world. The iconic desert setting, bordered by towering mountain peaks, has become instantly recognizable.

Making the city even more recognizable is its iconic architecture. Palm Springs has been synonymous with cool since the 1960s. It's been the retreat of choice for entertainers from the music industry, as well as stage and screen. The iconic and instantly recognizable mid-century modern architectural style common throughout Palm Springs has helped to cement its reputation. The city has a strong and distinctive cultural identity and a proud past. 

The valley also enjoys an incredible climate, with more sunny days each year than most other cities across the United States. In the past decades, it has gained a stellar reputation as a popular health retreat. It's a combination of the bustling health industry, and natural springs have both contributed to this reputation.

The downtown core is also a bustling center of commerce, with incredible boutique shopping, trendy bars and restaurants, and fascinating art galleries. It's also a one-of-a-kind golf destination with a great reputation thanks to its collection of top courses, often attached to an incredible desert resort oasis.

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