Palm Springs is a great place to live. But even fans of living in Palm Springs have things they don't like about this beautiful city. There's no such thing as the perfect place to live but if there were, Palm Springs would be it!

That said, it's part of the reason people looking to move to a new city do research. What might seem to be a great place on the surface might not fit the bill. This post will cover a few pros and cons of living in Palm Springs.

Pros of Living in Palm Springs

Laid-Back Lifestyle

People living in Palm Springs love its laid-back lifestyle and vibe. Shorts and flip-flops are common attire. Most businesses also have a relaxed attitude. While Palm Springs has the amenities of a big city, it doesn't have that dense, rushed feel of other cities. It also has events and facilities for a laid-back, leisurely lifestyle.

Low Healthcare Costs

Palm Springs is more affordable when it comes to healthcare costs. The average healthcare costs are 12% lower than the national average. Palm Springs's healthcare costs are also lower than the California average.

It's Sunny All Year Round

January is the coolest month to enjoy outdoor time in this desert climate. You get 350 days of sunshine in Palm Springs. It means you can always look forward to outdoor activities. Apart from this, March and April are when you can enjoy events like the Coachella Music Festival.

Cons of Living in Palm Springs

Dusty Environment

Going outside can be rough at times if you're prone to allergies. Windy days and desert storms can scatter dust. You'll also have to frequently clean dust off your home and car. It's part of living in a dry, desert environment.

Lack of Public Transportation

A Metrolink might stop in the city, but travel time takes very long. The route can get confusing too. You also have a few bus routes throughout the city. However, most people will need a car for transportation.

Extreme Heat During Summer

While fall, winter, and spring can be nice, the summers are extremely hot. High temperatures regularly reach triple digits during summer. The skies are sunny and clear, but you are better off staying indoors during summer afternoons in Palm Springs.

Live the Palm Springs Lifestyle!

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