Are you new to Palm Springs or considering a move to our beautiful city? It takes time for many of the city's newcomers to adjust to the weather. Unlike many other cities in the US, Palm Springs has a warm and sunny climate. There are 250 days of sunshine on average in Palm Springs. The rainfall average is only 5 inches per year. For this reason, Palm Springs is an outdoor playground where you can enjoy an active lifestyle.

The hottest months in Palm Springs are July, August, and September. Experts recommend staying indoors during the day to avoid the extreme heat. Air conditioning is also essential when living in Palm Springs.

Here are some things to prepare regarding the weather in Palm Springs.

the Weather In Palm Springs

Expect a Dry Heatwave From Noon Onwards

While having fun in the sun is the idea of some new residents, preparing for the heat is essential. Stay indoors, especially from noon to 4 pm during summer. Extreme heat can be a health hazard, so it's best to avoid being outdoors during the hottest times.

Wear Sunscreen

Whether it's a sunny or cloudy day, wear sunscreen and reapply as necessary. Plenty of sunscreen options include SPF lotions, sprays, and even gels. Reapplication after an hour protects you from harmful UV rays. It is even more important in Palm Springs with its clear, sunny skies.

Stay Hydrated

Hydration is key to fighting off the worst effects of the heat. Drink a liter of water every day or more as needed. You'll also see that many houses in Palm Springs have a pool. It can offer a great way to cool off on hot days.

Plan your Activities Early in the Morning or Late in the Afternoon

Do hikes early in the morning and trips to restaurants and attractions late in the afternoon or the evening. If you're planning a trip, the best month is January since this is the coolest month in the city.


Dry and sunny weather in the desert can crack your skin. Moisturize your skin with lotion and use lip balm for protection. You can also visit dermatologists in the area for desert-friendly skincare recommendations.

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