Buying A Vacation Property? Here’s Why Palm Springs Is Worth The Investment

Posted by Geoffrey Moore on Monday, July 18th, 2016 at 3:35pm.

Palm Springs Luxury HomeIf you're someone who loves to travel and explore the world, then buying a vacation property must be on your list.

Palm Springs is one beautiful city that you should consider investing in.

When planning to buy a vacation property, people tend to look at the cities located at the south-west side.

These cities tend to have comparable climates during winter, but that's about it.

This blog post is dedicated to provide comprehensive information regarding Palm Springs and why the city tops the list when it comes to buying a vacation property in California. Take a look:

Weather in Palm Springs

Relative to other cities located in the surrounding, Palm Springs tends to have a milder weather. Often, it is observed to be less humid and cooler than cities like Phoenix.

The Size of Palm Springs

While cities on the southern side of California tend to be busy, Palm Springs is rather serene, allowing people a safe haven to enjoy their time. Going through the city and its attraction is an unforgettable experience.

Year-Round Festivities

Starting from November till April, celebrations at Palm Springs don't end. The city is well-lit all year around. Visitors get a chance to be part of various cultures, traditions, themes and customary occasions that are fun and enlightening at the same time. Some of the globally known festivals celebrated in Palm Springs include The International Film Festival, Tour de Palm Springs, Coachella Fest, Stage Coach Fest and more.

Great Place for Golf Lovers

If you are an ardent golfer, this is a city on which you can blindly place your bets. Referred to as the "Golf Capital of the World", Palm Springs has over 130 golf courses within its geographical territory. Furthermore, this city has also been rated as the Top Golf Spot in North America in 2012.

Desirable Location

Just as they say: Location, location, location, Palm Springs is suitably located to be near almost everything.

For instance, Palm Springs is roughly two hours away from San Diego and Los Angeles; 4 hours from Phoenix and Las Vegas; and 8 hours from San Francisco. Wouldn't you want to live in a place that allows you to take time off to visit several other destinations?

Thinking of buying a vacation property in Palm Springs, CA? We are at your service. With the assistance of Geoffrey Moore, local Palm Springs realtor, you get to learn about recent home listings in Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, Palm Deserts and Cathedral city all at one place.

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