There are few places with a history of mid-century modern homes like Palm Springs. Its connection to the design style makes Palm Springs' mid-century modern homes attractive. Many of the pioneers of this style did some of their best work in the area.

Finding the right one can be difficult with so many mid-century modern homes in Palm Springs. This post will cover a few things to consider when looking for a mid-century modern house in Palm Springs.

Finding Palm Springs Mid-Century Modern Homes

Types of Homes

You are probably familiar with the features of mid-century modern homes if you are reading this. However, there are different types of homes within the style. For example, you have ranch homes and raised ranch designs. There are also split-level homes and tri-levels. Beyond that, you also have different roof designs. You have flat roofs, A-frames, single slopes, butterfly roofs, and more.

New or Old

Buyers have a lot of options for mid-century modern homes in Palm Springs. There are builders still using these styles when they build new homes. You also have so many classic mid-century modern homes in the city. A new home has advantages, but nothing says mid-century modern like a home from the era's heyday. Some buyers might also consider a fixer-upper. Restoring a classic mid-century modern home could be rewarding if you have the time and resources.


You should also consider the many neighborhoods in Palm Springs when searching for a home. Some neighborhoods have a reputation for mid-century modern designs. For example, you have areas like Vistas Las Palmas and Deepwell that are primarily mid-century modern, and then there are neighborhoods like Mesa with a mix of mid-century designs, Spanish homes, and other architectural styles.

Consider the Interior

Just like any home, you need to think about the interior. While there are features common to mid-century modern, interiors can differ. Most have open interiors with a lot of space. However, some might have the interior sectioned in zones. You also have the tall windows and different materials to consider. Buyers also need to look at the interior and think about how they will furnish and decorate the home.

Act Fast When You Find a Home

While there are many mid-century modern homes in Palm Springs, they can sell fast. If you find one you want, you need to act quickly. You still want to do all the due diligence, but you should engage the owner early. One tip is to get pre-approval for a mortgage before you start looking. With pre-approval, you can make an offer and close on the home faster.

Geoffrey Moore is Your Palm Springs Area Real Estate Expert

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