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Palm Springs Luxury Real Estate

Imagine this. You walk into your luxury estate in Palm Springs, ready and raring to party. All you have to do is drop off your luggage and join the crowds in the street. But then you look out into the backyard and spot your pool, pristine and sublime. Suddenly, you realize how tired you are, and stripping down, you jump straight into the crystal blue water, immersing yourself in its hedonistic glory.

Having a pool in your Palm Springs home is a luxury. And although almost 85% of homes for sale in Palm Springs do have pools, having one which is exactly the way you like it isn't so common. As a realtor in Palm Springs, I get my fair share of clients who make inquiries about the perfect pool. So to start off, I'm going to tell you a bit about the type

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Palm Springs Homebuyers Receive Their KeysEver wondered how some homes sell within weeks; yet you still struggle to find potential buyers to take even the slightest interest in your own modest Eden? It might be because you're doing it all wrong.

As stated in another blog, there are some mistakes that many people make when they want to sell their home. And many a times, these home owners don't even realize that their errors might be costing them more than just a good client; it might also be costing them the perfect price for their property.

Here we provide you some real estate agent basics that can help you sell your home quickly – and for the right price!

Professional Selling Tips

1. Don't Do it yourself

Although you might think it is a wise decision, handling the selling of your

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Spanish Palm Springs Homes For SalePalm Springs is considered a small Eden by tourists. And so, selling your property for the best price should be simple enough. From the light bulb fixtures to the pruned garden, you try to take care of every aspect of your home so that it looks as appealing as possible. However, why is it that you still can't seem to be able to hold on to any potential client?

Difference of taste aside, one reason why it can become really difficult to sell your home is if there are no eco-friendly features present. The world is quickly becoming aware of the dangers of being environmentally ignorant.

Therefore, regardless of your property's aesthetic and architectural appeal, if the home isn't environmentally sound, there won't be a chance of someone buying the

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