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Located next to Mesquite Country Club, Little Beverly Hills Palm Springs is a highly desirable neighborhood among all types of homebuyers in Palm Springs. Homes for sale in Little Beverly Hills are for those who have a passion for architecture. Out of the 84 homes in the neighborhood, most of them are built with mid-century modern designs. [Read more...]

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Little Beverly Hills KitchenLittle Beverly Hills real estate is famous for being one of the tract neighborhoods built by the Alexander Company between 1957 and 1958. The community is quite small with only 84 homes. So, when a property hits the market, strike while the iron is hot. It may not be there for long!

They have white washed exteriors, low pitched roofs, and large windows. What makes this small community so unique is that each street is named after a popular Californian center, like Roxbury, Canon, and Bedford. Homebuyers are attracted to Little Beverly Hills real estate because of its proximity to all the best attractions and amenities that Palm Springs has to offer.

These homes have unique architectural styles, having been designed by the esteemed Dan Palmer and William Krisel. Many of the homes for sale in Little Beverly Hills boast mid-century modern designs since they were built when the trend was at its peak. Apart from the beautiful designs of the homes, what attracts so many homebuyers to this area is that the lots are substantial in size. Many of the properties are 10,000 square feet in size, which is large enough to have expansive backyards that come straight from an entertainers dream.

The homes in this community have been carefully maintained to reflect the timeless Palm Springs real estate style. Plenty of homes have been recently renovated to have contemporary amenities, though the mid-century modern features are always preserved.

Luxury homes in Little Beverly Hills Palm Springs are known to have custom swimming pools and water features that make your home feel like a five-star resort. These homes are perfect for all types of homebuyers—from families to snowbirds to professionals. All are welcome in the beautiful community of Little Beverly Hills.

Little Beverly Hills Amenities and Attractions

Little Beverly Hills is a small community located in the southern region of Palm Springs. This ideally situated neighborhood is within walking distance of Palm Springs High School, Demuth Park, Palm Springs International Airport, and convenient shopping centers. Residents will find that they're never far from key amenities.

Demuth Park is a popular spot for residents as it unfolds over 61 acres and features a wide range of outdoor recreation opportunities including:

  • Soccer fields
  • Tennis courts
  • Picnic tables
  • Ball fields
  • Tot lot

For those who love to golf, few neighborhoods could be more appealing than Little Beverly Hills. It is adjacent to both the Mesquite Golf Club and the Bel Air Greens. This ensures that those who love to spend a fun afternoon on the fairways have plenty of options close to home.

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