Palm Springs Spanish homes are renowned for their classic style back to the old days of California. The unique beauty and distinctive style have prevailed for years.

Generally, Spanish architecture uses earthy tones that give the houses a summer vibe, making them a perfect fit for the warm climes of Palm Springs. Below are the four standout features of Spanish homes in Palm Springs.

4 Features of Palm Springs Spanish Homes

Clay-Based Design

One thing that makes these homes distinguishable from others in Palm Springs is their clay-based design. 

Spanish Mission Red tile floors are popular. Most of the time, the barrel roof tiles have warm colors (red or brown). The tiles come from slate or terracotta clay, which are perfect for the hot weather as they last longer than other materials. 

Stunning Exteriors

Besides the roof, the exteriors of Spanish-style homes are also distinguishable for their use of high-grade stucco. This comes from mixing cement, lime, sand, and water. It gives the house a creamy white look that works well with the red roofing. The thick white exterior is perfect for the hot Palm Springs weather. 

During the day, the walls store heat while absorbing the sun's rays. The walls then emit that heat at night to assist with temperature regulation.

Elegant Outdoor Space

Spanish homes have a chic yet elegant look. They have stunning outdoor spaces perfect for soaking up the sunshine, especially in the long summer months. The courtyards are typically tiled and often have fountains, beautiful foliage, gardens, and comfortable outdoor furniture. They will give you that distinct Mediterranean vibe.

Unique Desert Feel

Spanish homes have the same desert colors as those of their surroundings. The stucco comes from the same sand on which the houses sit and blend nicely with the desert setting. 

Ready to own a Spanish home?

If you want to immerse yourself in this rich Spanish heritage in Palm Springs, check out the excellent Spanish-style homes in Old Las Palmas, the Movie Colony, and the Mesa. If you are looking for smaller yet equally charming homes, you will find them in parts of Ruth Hardy Park and Tahquitz River Estates.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in buying a Spanish home. As experienced real estate agents, we can help you find the perfect property for your needs. We've seen just about everything from mid-century homes to Spanish-style homes! Reach out to us with questions when you are ready to buy a Spanish home in Palm Springs.

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