5 Eco-Friendly Ways Which Can Raise the Value of Your Home

Posted by Geoffrey Moore on Monday, February 8th, 2016 at 11:21am.

Spanish Palm Springs Homes For SalePalm Springs is considered a small Eden by tourists. And so, selling your property for the best price should be simple enough. From the light bulb fixtures to the pruned garden, you try to take care of every aspect of your home so that it looks as appealing as possible. However, why is it that you still can't seem to be able to hold on to any potential client?

Difference of taste aside, one reason why it can become really difficult to sell your home is if there are no eco-friendly features present. The world is quickly becoming aware of the dangers of being environmentally ignorant.

Therefore, regardless of your property's aesthetic and architectural appeal, if the home isn't environmentally sound, there won't be a chance of someone buying the property. As a real estate agent in Palm Springs, I come across many properties which buyers fight for because of its environmental properties.

Taking a lesson from such homes, here at Geoffrey Moore, I present to you an eco-friendly checklist for selling your home that will help you get the best price for your home.

5 Eco-Friendly Ways to Improve Your Home

1. Location

This is a factor that you may have thought of even before buying the house. It's better to highlight the prospects of your home which can make a solid first impression.

Emphasize the location of your home and explain how it is away from any environmentally sensitive location such as earthquake zones etc. Also add any information if it is close to the shops or public transportation as well.

2. Efficient Landscaping

Landscaping is one of the top investments that can bring about the best prices for your home. Rather than having overgrown landscaping, structuring trees, and planting them on the southern and western side of your home can help keep your home cool – all the while giving out a clean and polished look to the overall construction of the house.

3. Insulation

Palm Springs is an extremely windy city. This means that a home will have more of a chance of getting a draught through any leaks in the walls. Get to work and plug, repair and seal any gap in the building that you may find so as to insulate your home. Insulation is an essential eco-friendly renovation. It will keep the bills down as well as stop any heat from getting in.

4. Replace Your Windows

Contrary to popular belief, double glazed windows aren't just for homes in the colder regions of the country. Double glazed windows allow energy efficiency for your property as they preserve the temperature inside, lower the level of humidity in your home, and keep you safe as well. Although Palm Springs isn't exactly a noisy city, these noise-isolation features of these windows do allow you to have the tranquility you need in your home.

California Solar Panels5. Install Solar Panels

With a city that receives sunshine 350 days of the year, it was obvious that solar panels would be the best way to utilize solar energy. The concept of solar energy is becoming very popular among the residents of Palm Springs. And with more people taking advantage of solar power and bringing down their energy consumption, having a home with solar panels is the best way to bring in those who might be worried about the bills.

Along with another blog on the time wasting factors for home sellers, these tips will help in letting you show your home in the best light so that it appeals to any potential buyers in the market.

Want to know more? Contact me or visit the Geoffrey Moore website to know about the basics that real estate agents will not tell you.

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