Palm Springs is a destination that has captivated people from across the US. With its year-round sunshine, unique landscapes, and vibrant culture, it's no wonder that this city is a tourist hotspot. But beyond the glitz and glamor of its famous resorts, Palm Springs is also rich in history and landmarks! Keep reading to learn about some famous historical landmarks in Palm Springs!

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5 Famous Historical Landmarks in Palm Springs

1. Cornelia White House Museum

221 S Palm Canyon Dr

Step into the past as you explore the Cornelia White House, built in 1884. The residence once belonged to the remarkable pioneer Cornelia White. She played a vital role in shaping the early development of Palm Springs. Today, it offers a glimpse into the local heritage through an impressive collection of artifacts and exhibits.

2. Walk of the Stars Palm Springs

10 N Palm Canyon Dr

The Walk of the Stars in Palm Springs is an excellent way to pay tribute to all the celebrities connected to the city. It has sidewalk plaques with the names, handprints, and signatures of famous actors, musicians, and other celebrities. With over 400 names, you can celebrate the awesomeness and the significant impact of such famous people in the industry.

3. Tahquitz Canyon

500 W Mesquite Ave

Tahquitz Canyon is a fantastic place to become acquainted with the area's ancient past. When you hike through the canyon, you'll discover many incredible things, like ancient irrigation ditches, petroglyphs, and jaw-dropping rock formations. It's like stepping into a time machine and experiencing the fascinating history of the Cahuilla people. It's a place you may want to return to many times.

4. Angel Cove Monument

Palm Springs

The Angel Cove Monument is perfect for those seeking stunning views of the Coachella Valley and the San Jacinto Mountains. You can hike through the rugged terrain, discover ancient petroglyphs, and experience the incredible beauty of the desert landscape. The Cahuilla people considered Angel Cove their sacred homeland. They lovingly call it "pe on bel," which translates to "cool wind blowing." The monument's name comes from a beautiful rock formation shaped like an angel you can see from the peak.

5. Palm Springs Air Museum

745 N Gene Autry Trail

Palm Springs Air Museum is perfect for aviation enthusiasts. It's home to one of the most incredible collections of planes in the world. You'll find various aircraft to explore, from vintage WWII warbirds to modern jets. Step into history as you walk among the B-17s, P-51 Mustangs, and F-16s. You can get up close and personal with these iconic planes. Get to know aviation's rich past, present, and future as you explore the exhibits and the interactive displays. 

But that's not all - you can take flight yourself! Experience the thrill of soaring through the skies in a restored WWII plane. It's an experience you will remember! They also offer an annual airshow. Prepare to be amazed by jaw-dropping displays of aerial acrobatics that will leave you in awe.


Did you know that you can also explore the fascinating history of the Agua Caliente people while you're here? This indigenous tribe has a rich and storied past that dates back thousands of years. Learning about the Agua Caliente people, from their ancient traditions to their struggles, is a truly eye-opening experience.

Visit the Agua Caliente Cultural Museum. The museum offers events and programs related to the Agua Caliente people's history, culture, and art. As you wander through the exhibits, you'll discover artifacts, photographs, and interactive displays that bring their story to life. 

Exploring all the historical landmarks in Palm Springs in one visit is impossible. Palm Springs is rich in history. However, the landmarks in this post are great for a start.

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