We have all heard the saying that "home is where you make it." This is exactly right, but a home is also what you make of it. Whether you're in my real estate area of Palm Springs or another city known for its stylish homes, the features of a home represent you and how it makes you feel at home. Over the years, many of us have forgotten what that feels like, particularly if you just recently moved into a new home. It's easy to forget that you need to update your home, especially if you just moved in. While some of the design ideas might be liked by you, they have been replaced with features that not only look better, but provide function in the home.

Here are six outdated home features that you might want to look into fixing in 2019 if you want your home to actually feel like home:

1. Vertical Blinds

Let's start this off with an easy one. We can all agree that vertical blinds have certainly become a relic of the past. Not to mention how much time it takes to actually open them up. Time to switch it up. Put your money towards some gorgeous curtains that will not only be easier to open up, but will look incredible to you and your guests. You can also just look into different styles of blinds that will create a modern feel. If you are into technology, try searching for blinds you can open with your phone or voice. Those are certainly handy.

2. Popcorn Ceiling

The 90s are calling and they want their ceiling back. Popcorn ceilings are outdated, not very nice looking, and can't be accented by anything. Your creativity is ultimately limited when you have one of these ceilings. When you change to a flatter ceiling, you can paint it to match your room and create a real immersive experience. it's also much easier to hang nice decorations from your ceiling. Getting rid of popcorn ceilings are not as easy as getting rid of the blinds. You should hire a professional to put your mind at ease and make the experience go smoothly!

3. Fake Fruit

Remember when we thought that having fake fruit was satisfying? Now, it's the exact opposite. Fake fruit just sits there and collects dust, making out to be a bland centerpiece easily forgotten. The time it takes to wash them correctly is also consuming. it's best to just pick them up and drop them in the trash. A great replacement is some real fruit. In fact, it's a growing trend to put out real fruit before your guests arrive. This promotes well being and is great finger food while you are conversing. You can't go wrong with eating greens and shopping at the Palm Springs Certified Farmers Market.

If reading this blog is making you want to search for a new home with more modern features in Palm Springs or the entire Coachella Valley, use my advanced search tools to browse the current homes for sale. If you're thinking of selling your outdated home in the Palm Springs area, read about how I can help sellers.

4. Heavy Headboards

This one might be a little harder to give up. Those magnificent, heavy headboards that we all came to love have been dethroned by nothing. Literally, no headboard. Modern looks are coming into style and demand that we keep things as simple as possible. You can always have a plain, square headboard. It tends to make the room feel bigger and less cluttered. However, it's still hard to give up that amazing headboard you once had. Try just removing it and see how you feel about it. It might be something that you really like. Plus, you can sell your old headboard for some extra money.

5. Edison Bulbs

This one came and went so fast that you might not have even known it was a trend. The Edison Bulbs were super stylish for interior design, but quickly became overplayed in everyone's photography class and at hipster coffee shops. Now, it has become a staple for creativity. If you are looking to have fun with your lighting, try getting smart light bulbs. You will have the ability to command them with your voice to change to any color or any kelvin - warm and cool tones. These bulbs could cause for many great themes and hues across your home. Plus, not many people have it, so it could be a trend worth starting.

6. Outdated Flooring

Those white, square tiles, or pink carpets are ready to leave. it's time to get some gorgeous, nice flooring. If you're really getting into it, you can even go as far as getting heated floors. Either way, a nice wood flooring can complement just about any home. It will also increase the value of your home if you are looking to sell it. Not to mention, new, contemporary flooring makes anyone feel excited inside after it's first installed.

Now that we have taken a look at all of these outdated features, you can start to self reflect and see what you could possibly change. Once you get a good ground on what needs to happen, hire the right people or do it yourself and be surprised as you see everything come together. Nothing is more satisfying than updating something with the times, and with how you like it. Just remember to put what you love first.

Good luck and contact me if you're interested in buying or selling real estate in Palm Springs, CA.

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