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There's no question that as the real estate market evolves, houses are getting smarter. Things that were once the stuff of dreams are now the reality we live in. Adjust the temperature of your house an hour before you leave work, so that when you get home, your house is the perfect temperature. Invest in energy-efficient dimmable LED lighting that cuts power costs and reduces your overall environmental impact. Install a smart home security system and rest assured that your loved ones will be safe even if you're out of town.

But when it comes to selling your home, does it matter to buyers whether or not you can interface your home with your cell phone? Do buyers consider energy efficiency when they're investing in a home? According to a study conducted by CNET and Coldwell Banker, 81% of home buyers indicated that they'd be more likely to purchase a home that has smart features.

Family In Palm Springs Smart HomeWhen it comes down to it, the perks of buying a smart home are more than just being on the forefront of a tech-savvy population. Smart features are designed to save home buyers time and money, and many buyers are aware of this. According to the same study conducted by CNET and Coldwell Banker, 57% of Americans found that smart technology products saved them an average of 30 minutes each day. Especially among those who work full-time jobs, this can be substantial.

Smart home features attract a certain kind of buyer. Specifically, they tend to generate interest among millennial buyer and those who have a passion for eco-friendliness. Most Palm Springs residents already have a passion for clean, wind-powered energy. Make your Palm Springs home for sale stand out from the rest and consider these top smart features that appeal to home buyers.

Auto-Adjusting Thermostats

Auto-adjusting thermostats are one of the most popular smart features in homes today. Many models will learn homeowner's routines and adjust to raise temperatures when you wake up in the morning and return from work so that you are always greeted by a perfectly heated or cooled home. These devices also account for times when the house is empty and drop the temperature to save on resources. In fact, a smart thermostat can reduce heating and cooling costs by as much as 20%, which is why this is such an important feature to many home buyers.

Smart Alarms

There are many reasons why the security of your home might be important to you. If you're a single parent who often travels, you want to rest assured that your family is safe. If your Palm Springs home boasts lavish exteriors and gives a sense of grandeur and luxury, additional security may be appealing to you. Smart alarms sync with your phone, so that even when you aren't at home you can keep an eye on your property. They will also alert you if your alarm is triggered or if the smoke detector goes off.

Proximity Locks

We've all had this happen. You're home from work after a long day and you've got your keys in your bag, but inevitably they've sunk to the very bottom past your wallet, your phone, and everything else in your bag. Instead of awkwardly fumbling to fish out your key, invest in a smart lock.

Homeowners love the convenience of smart proximity locks. The lock opens when it registers that your smart phone is nearby. It not only solves the problem of fumbling for keys, it's also very convenient for granting temporary service to house sitters, servicemen, and visiting guests. Digital keys can be granted and revoked with ease at any time.

Smart Blinds

Palm Springs is a sunny place. The incredible year round weather is why many residents choose to live in the city in the first place, but there's no denying that there will be days when it gets too hot. Palm Springs is well known for its collection of picturesque Mid-Century Modern houses. These often come equipped with floor-to-ceiling windows. As such, a good set of blinds can be appealing. These weather-wise blinds can be raised and lowered at the push of a button. These smart systems can also be programmed to adjust as the sun moves across the sky to keep homes an ideal temperature. Auto adjusting shades also make a vacant home look inhabited for additional security.

For more helpful tips on what buyers are looking for, contact Geoffrey Moore. As a Palm Springs real estate expert, he knows the market inside and out.

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