Getting the Perfect Pool For Your Perfect Palm Springs Home

Posted by Geoffrey Moore on Thursday, March 17th, 2016 at 10:49am.

Palm Springs Luxury Real Estate

Imagine this. You walk into your luxury estate in Palm Springs, ready and raring to party. All you have to do is drop off your luggage and join the crowds in the street. But then you look out into the backyard and spot your pool, pristine and sublime. Suddenly, you realize how tired you are, and stripping down, you jump straight into the crystal blue water, immersing yourself in its hedonistic glory.

Having a pool in your Palm Springs home is a luxury. And although almost 85% of homes for sale in Palm Springs do have pools, having one which is exactly the way you like it isn't so common. As a realtor in Palm Springs, I get my fair share of clients who make inquiries about the perfect pool. So to start off, I'm going to tell you a bit about the type of styles you can expect from pools in your Palm Springs home.

Perfect Pools for Perfect Homes

Tuscan Style Pools

Tuscan style pools use the orange color of their stones to set an atmosphere. Usually decorated in a South Californian image, these pools look glorious. And whether you're a wall-street type or a creative entrepreneur, the Tuscan style pool will still strike your fancy.

Palm Springs VillaMinimalist Pools

Minimalist pools are breezy, relaxed and very elegant and give off a more sophisticated look than the homey styles of a Tuscan style pool. Most Palm Springs homes do have this style of pools, mainly because they are very easy to maintain. Also, because most of the homes in Palm Springs are designed to look very modern and trendy, this pool helps greatly in completing the look.


California Luxury Real EstateCalming Space

This style of pool offers a personal Eden for anyone looking for some peace and quiet. This pool is specifically designed to exude luxury, and many homes in Palm Springs have this type of pool with a live flame heater. However, homes with such pools can be expensive, but for those who want to have the best of all, they are completely worth it.



Palm Springs Backyard PoolLandscape

These pools reflect a very natural yet sculptured design and can add a lot of color to any style of property. Many of these pools are usually paired with cozier homes, and are perfect for those who seek a more functional yet luxurious home.

Although these are just some of the styles, if you want to know more about different homes for sale in Palm Springs CA, you can contact me, Geoffrey Moore and inquire about the type of home you would like to own for your vacation.

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