How To Decide If A Home Is Right For You

Posted by Geoffrey Moore on Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016 at 10:26am.

Newlyweds With Palm Springs HousesWhen clients are looking for homes on sale in Palm Springs, the first thing I usually do is listen.

I stop talking about the wonders of living in Palm Springs, the good people and the good food, and I listen to their questions and inquiries.

You see, as a Palm Springs realtor, I get a lot of clients who seek luxury real estate in the city. But many a times, these clients become very confused about their choices, and then end up almost not picking a house. So why is that? That is because they do not know if the house is right for them.

So how are they supposed to know?

Deciding the Right Home

Calculate Your Price

There is nothing more heart-breaking than when a client realizes that they might not be able to afford their dream house. So the first step to making the right decision about getting a home is by determining your own price.

Second, it is essential to make a list of all the things you want from a house. Just keep in mind, extravagance costs a lot and it is something you don't need. And since all the homes in Palm Springs are created with keeping luxury in mind, you almost always end up with a few perks that might have otherwise cost a lot.

Trust Your Instinct

One of the reasons why I have such a successful track record is because I encourage the client to speak on what they like. I tell them to trust their own reactions, and feel their way around the property. Do they feel happy about the extra bedroom and bathrooms? Does the house make them feel happy or depressed? Even if a house does look impressive, you have to trust your own instincts on how it makes you feel.

Imagine Yourself in the House

Do you see yourself coming home after work and lying down for a relaxing soak in your infinity pool? If so, then you should make the offer. For families or people who feel good about the house, they automatically start wondering how they'd live in the house, and how they'd adjust their furniture. Always remember that you deserve to live in luxury, so don't be intimidated by the property. Use your creativity and try to imagine your life in that house.

Family Plans Future Palm Springs HomeBe True to Your Decision

When choosing a home, there is nothing worse than choosing it based on its luxuries and then not availing those luxuries afterwards. For example, if you love a home because it offers gorgeous views, choose it so that you can revel in the glory of the view. Just remember that the view won't be of any use if you're not even at home to enjoy it. Make wise decisions based on how you live, not how you wished you lived.

These are only a few of the tips that come to mind. But if you want to know more about buying real estate in Palm Springs, feel free to contact me on my website for more information.

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