Impossible Homes – Selling Tips from Professionals

Posted by Geoffrey Moore on Wednesday, February 10th, 2016 at 11:14am.

Palm Springs Homebuyers Receive Their KeysEver wondered how some homes sell within weeks; yet you still struggle to find potential buyers to take even the slightest interest in your own modest Eden? It might be because you're doing it all wrong.

As stated in another blog, there are some mistakes that many people make when they want to sell their home. And many a times, these home owners don't even realize that their errors might be costing them more than just a good client; it might also be costing them the perfect price for their property.

Here we provide you some real estate agent basics that can help you sell your home quickly – and for the right price!

Professional Selling Tips

1. Don't Do it yourself

Although you might think it is a wise decision, handling the selling of your home yourself can turn out to be the very first – and biggest mistake – you make. It is always best to hire an experienced real estate agent for selling your home. They would know your property's value, area and the comparable sales in the locality. By taking all factors into account, they will come up with a strategy which will help in getting you as much money as possible, quickly and efficiently.

2. Add a Personal Touch

Did you know that old cliché of baking cookies right before a home staging so that it adds to the atmosphere of the house? There's a reason it is such a tip. Creating an atmosphere that conveys to the buyers that you make use of your home can help in selling it. For example, here in Palm Springs, most homes are built so lavishly that they look more like something you might have seen on a magazine cover. By adding a personal touch, it gives the potential buyer an idea of how comfortable the house is.

3. Don't Overprice

Pricing your home is important. Take in different aspects of your location features such as schools, location crime and any other aspects. Then estimate the right amount that will suit the audience you are trying to target. If your home is priced correctly, you will get multiple offers within the first two weeks since buyers will get into a bidding war that will more likely lean in the seller's favor.

4. Target the Condo Market

If you are selling a condo, you will most likely get a good deal. The condo market saw an upswing in 2013 and as such, became very popular among those who wanted a condo as it suited their needs more. Also, buyers or renters will more likely lease your condo for 4-5 years so you will be able to negotiate the right price for a long-term stay.

Living Room in Palm Springs Real Estate5. Target Creative Types Rather Than Wall Street Types

Instead of furnishing your home in a minimal and professional way, opt for more creative decorations. The luxury market is changing and with more creative professionals seeking to try their chance in real estate investment, presenting your home in a more colorful and creative way will attract the audience who are looking to snap up high end real estate.

Want to know more? Go ahead and contact Geoffrey Moore, and learn some more pearls of wisdom from one of the most prominent names in the real estate market.

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