Live It Up – Top Vacation Rental Spots In Palm Springs

Posted by Geoffrey Moore on Thursday, May 12th, 2016 at 4:07pm.

Couple Relaxes In Palm Springs Vacation RentalWhat is the perfect idea of a vacation rental? Something that seems like a whole new experience of luxury, yet has an air of warmth and comfort to it.

This is something that Palm Springs has been able to attain over the years.

Why Palm Springs, California?

Palm Springs has been attracting a massive pool of tourists and locals during vacation seasons. And why not? Everyone who desires to have a private pool, a cozy kitchen and reminiscence of home-like living would be more than interested to enjoy at the top vacation rental spots in Palm Springs.

This is a key reason why people have been witnessing an increasing trend of vacation rentals at Palm Springs over the past two years. The vacation rental market is growing and booming like anything and the trend is expected to remain upwards in the coming years.

Everyone desires a perfect vacation home, but owning it can become quite a different and difficult undertaking altogether. But those who own one are reaping great money. A major reason why vacation rentals are mushrooming in Palm Springs is because a huge number of second homes are being owned across the city.

Since there are abundant inactive homes during the summers, it’s not surprising to learn that Palm Springs tops the chart of being the top deal for vacation rentals.

The Vacation Rentals

According to the current pricing scenario, it would cost around $1250 for a 4-person family to reside in a 2 bed-home for 7 days. This figure is quite close to a month’s fundamental groceries, a family dine-out or even a single day bike rental. Sounds too good to be true? That’s Palm Springs’ vacation rentals for you.

People who come alone all the way to Palm Springs end up spending no more than $70-80 for a single bedroom. Imagine the cost savings for couples, a group of friends or small families.

The only thing that locals and tourists enjoying their summers at the Palm Springs wouldn’t benefit from is the maid services. You may have to additionally pay for one, but that would rarely be the case as most people prefer not to compromise their privacy.
You will be surprised to know that people who own vacation homes in Palm Springs manage to make up a 6-figured salary annually by having a resting property. Needless to mention, Palm Springs has a lot of scope and potential.

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