Luxury Trends In Palm Springs Real Estate

We often see interior design trends that are influenced by cultures and styles of the world. 

This year, however, we are seeing a shift from styles to functions.

As a result of more people being at home more often and for longer periods of time, there has been a need to have a more comfortable, functional space that offers personalized statement pieces.

Here are a few luxury design trends to on the look for, organized by rooms in your house.

Living Room Luxury

Custom free-form furniture is big right now - specifically sofas that are not the typical “sofa shapes”. Look for furniture that has curved edges that don’t create standard shapes.

Try warm colors like saffron, turmeric and mustard all coordinated with blues greens and reds. These colors can be added as feature walls or as accent pieces throughout the home and are an excellent choice for brightening up darker corners.

With the goal of bringing the outdoors in, add more house plants, especially olive trees (bonus points for being able to enjoy fresh olives). 

Integrate more familiar fabrics; look for worn leather, cottons and soft linens to create a laidback luxury space.

Luxury Kitchen & Bathroom Trends

Mosaic tiles are appearing in kitchens, bathrooms, and throughout homes. You'll also notice plain tiles are being updated with patterned tiles in different sizes and bolder color palettes. Look for floor to ceiling mosaics used as statement walls to make a real impact.

Bronze, copper and brass can easily be incorporated by updating drawer pulls and replacing silver trays with bronze bowls for a warmer feeling.

Kitchen cabinets are being updated in unexpectedly bold colors with updated fixtures in bronze, copper and brass.

This year all things comfort are king, which means that it is not a surprise to see soaking tubs showing a resurgence in popularity.

Luxury In The Bedroom

Make the bed the focal point. Have you been thinking about upgrading your bed frame? Now’s the perfect time to introduce a new statement piece.

Bright and bold linens in the bedroom are big. Think bright colors and bold prints this year - shifting away from crisp white and plain colors.

Luxury throughout the Home

Art features that can be touched and admired have risen in popularity. We're talking natural wooden pieces, woven or knotted tapestry pieces and wall hangings, layers of texture and mixed mediums. If this sounds like macrame, you’re on the right track!

Wood paneling is back and it’s creating a cabin like vibe. Rather than wide vertical planks, you’ll find more narrow planks and angular patterns.

This year’s luxury trends offer a wider opportunity for personalization than previous years. It’s about personality and practicality. It’s a mix of vintage and contemporary and investing in thoughtful custom statement pieces that take into account how the piece was created and what message it’s to convey.

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