Music Is Not The Only Reason You Should Go To Coachella – Here are 3 more!

Posted by Geoffrey Moore on Monday, May 16th, 2016 at 3:55pm.

Coachella Music FestivalWhat's the most amazing part about the Coachella valley? The 3-day music festival. People all across the U.S. come over to join in the soothing music and electric energy that is palpable there. It isn't surprising how ready and willing people are to pay $300 (approx.) to enjoy the music festival.

However, looking at the bigger picture, is it only the music that attracts tourists and locals to Coachella? The answer is a plain no.

Coachella has a lot more to keep its people enthralled, excited and gripped. Stated below are the top 3 reasons why you need to go to this place for reasons other than music:

A Complete Body & Mind Retune

Providing a chance for your body and mind to revitalize, Coachella certainly brings you closer to nature. The temperature is hot here, so you'll be constantly reminded to consume water and beer numerous times a day.

However, as soon as the night starts falling, the temperature gets better – just ideal for the breezy beaches.  It gives you the ultimate opportunity to unwind and forget about work and e-mails that never stop. All in all, Coachella can help you take the heaviest load off your mind and resume work later with greater zeal and motivation.

The Technology

Coachella is a high-tech venue, with all those lights, sounds and videos playing around you.

Coachella is leaving no stone unturned in acting as green as possible. To make its people socially responsible, it is consciously pushing to appropriately dispose trash, emphasize on recycling and place compost waste bins almost everywhere. During the festival, the stage being worked on was operating via a generator with people riding immobile bicycles and doing other creative stuff to foster energy conservation and reduce wastage.

The Unbelievable Energy

The energy this place exuberates is fantastic. It can energize just about anyone.

According to research, people who partake in experiences tend to encounter elevated levels of joy over time.

On the other hand, those who invest in tangible things to have fun such as buying a TV, clothes etc, experience a diminishing trend of happiness as time passes. The moral is that if you want to elevate your energy and senses, a trip to Coachella is worth a lot more than investing in clothes or the latest gadget. Go to Coachella for a trip of your life.

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