If you’ve never moved before, prepare for some stress and headaches. Even moving local within the same city can be a vexing process. Between bureaucratic tasks like redirecting mail, changing your billing address, updating your contacts, and minor tasks like getting a new dog sitter and finding a new route to work (or a new job altogether), you’ll have your hands full. And then there are the not-so-simple matters of packing and moving.

The physical, financial, and mental stress of packing your life into containers and moving them into a new place can leave you exhausted in more ways than one. Fortunately, when you’re moving to a place like wonderful Palm Springs, CA, you’ll have all the necessary moving amenities nearby.

Read on to see how to make your move to the lovely, sunny city of Palm Springs as easy and stress-free as possible.

It Starts with a Plan

Setting aside all of the technical aspects and paperwork involved in moving, one of the most important things you need to get right is packing. Putting toasters and shirts in cardboard boxes seems like it would be pretty simple at first, but it can get pretty hectic if you just jump into it without planning out your tasks, taking proper precautions, and arming yourself with the equipment and gear you need.

Planning doesn’t just mean deciding what you will and won’t take. You need to know where you’re getting your moving equipment, including boxes, rental trailers/vans, from. You should also designate a place to keep receipts related to your move, especially in the case of a paid relocation. Even just buying cardboard boxes requires some planning because the sizes you’ll need for certain items differs and if you’re buying in bulk, buying too many or too few can end up costing you. Minimize room for error and added stress by using a moving checklist.

Out with the Old (or Never to be Used)

If you’re coming from somewhere with cold winters and chilly falls, like Michigan or New York, do yourself a favor and get rid of your winter clothes prior to packing. The average winter temperature in Palm Springs reaches around 57 degrees. While there’s always the occasional chilly day, there won’t be a real need for five different winter jackets and fur-lined boots. In addition to donating them, you can also sell them online or host a moving sale to help pay for your expenses.

Likewise goes for any onerous furniture or appliances. If your old furniture and appliances, or any other item you have, is in particularly bad condition and can’t be donated, call a junk removal service and see if they’ll accept your item.


The process of moving begins once you start loading up your moving vehicle (or if you’re planning on starting out fresh, just your luggage). Most people, however, don’t take time to consider their options and end up spending unnecessary time and money for additional services or items when they’re moving.

Hiring Professional Movers

The lifting and setting of boxes, furniture and appliances, excites some people and terrifies others. If you’re one of the latter, an easy way of alleviating your anxieties is to hire movers. Even if all your stuff has been transported separately, movers can still manage the heavy lifting and place things exactly where you want them without puncturing a wall or leveling a banister. You could go about finding movers by asking for recommendations on social media or bribing friends, but if you want things done right and reliably, you should make an investment in professional movers; just don’t forget to tip them!

Traveling to Your New Home

There are a few ways you’re able to get to Palms Springs. For the purpose of this article, we’ll concentrate on motorized vehicles and airplanes. Luckily, the city is a well-traveled area so you have plenty of car rental places to drop off a rental vehicle. If you’re starting out fresh and only have a couple bags, you might want to consider taking the bus. It’s not as glamorous as driving in on your own, or as romantic as a train ride through mountains and fields, but it’s cheap and convenient. Then there’s air travel, a potentially stressful and sometimes necessary route.

If you’re flying into Palm Springs, the nearest (and only) airport available in the city is Palm Springs International Airport, which happens to be rated as one of the most stress-free airports in the nation. While many people thinking buying tickets months in advance means they’re getting them at good prices, if you want the best deal you can get, try buying just one month outside of your arrival date. You can also use a service like Skyscanner to find the best dates for traveling, even if that means flying in a day early to save a few hundred dollars.

Settling In

The final step in your moving journey is settling in. Be sure to find the nearest furniture stores, grocery stores, public transportation options, medical offices, and trusted auto mechanics. The further in advance you do this, the better off you’ll be in case your car breaks down the night before your first day of work, or you’re in need of a midnight snack.

Following these tips for moving puts you on the path of foreseeing challenges and seizing opportunities, allowing you to settle in nicely and enjoy all the city of Palm Springs offers as soon as possible.

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