Mid-century modern homes in Palm Springs

The Palm Springs Neighborhoods With The Most Beautiful Mid-Century Modern Homes

Palm Springs has some of the most iconic mid-century modern architecture found in the country today. Located throughout the city, these homes exhibit sleek lines and simple designs that prioritize functionality over everything else. Nothing about the design of these homes is extra, and they lack the ornamentation found in other home styles. However, nothing is boring about these homes. These homes have large floor-to-ceiling windows inviting the outdoors in, Clerestory windows for added light, and angular roof lines defying previous architectural conventions. Below are some Palm Springs neighborhoods to find the best examples of mid-century modern architecture.

Twin palms Estates

Commissioned in 1956, Twin Palms Estates was the first subdivision constructed by the Alexander Construction Company. William Krisel designed the homes in this neighborhood, and they are some of the most iconic mid-century homes in Palm Springs. As some of the first Alexander Homes built in the city, the homes in this area are also unique, with similar designs found only in Vista Las Palmas. Serving as the foundation for the subdivisions developed later, these homes have larger floor plans than most of the homes the Alexander Company went on to build. Homes in this neighborhood are in high demand, and prices reflect that. Expect to pay over $1.6M to live in this neighborhood.


Vista Las Palmas

Vista Las Palmas is unique among mid-century modern neighborhoods. Constructed between 1957 and 1963, this neighborhood features the largest floor plans the Alexander Construction Company constructed using designs by architects like Dan Palmer & William Krisel, and Charles Du Bois. These homes have large lots with breathtaking views of the mountains to the south and the west, and they all have large Palm Springs pools. Some of the homes in this neighborhood took direct inspiration from the original subdivision of Twin Palms. Still, they were given a larger floor plan to accommodate the growing family size. Prices for homes in this neighborhood are between $2M and $3M and reflect the size of the homes and exclusivity of the area.


Deepwell estates

Deepwell Estates has been a popular neighborhood since it was founded in 1952. Celebrities like William Holden, Loretta Young, Jack Webb, Carmen Miranda and Jerry Lewis built estates in this area using the best architects of the day, architects like John Porter Clark, E. Stewart Williams, Donald Wexler & Richard Harrison, Hugh Kaptur, and Stan Sackley. Homes in this area exhibit a variety of elevations and tend to be more understated than the dramatic homes found in the other mid-century neighborhoods. Homes in this neighborhood are generous in size and have expansive, resort-like backyards, making them highly desirable. Because of their size, location and privacy, homes in Deepwell Estates range in price from the mid-$1M to almost $3M. 



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Sunmor Estates

Located next to Palm Springs City Hall and the Palm Springs International Airport, Sunmor Estates is a 213-acre subdivision founded in 1955 and home to some of the city's most unique mid-century modern homes. This neighborhood was originally started by builder Robert "Bob" Higgins using the designs of Donald Wexler and Richard Harrison.

Still, for unknown reasons, the Alexander Construction Company took over the construction of the homes in the area in 1957 after Higgns had completed only 11 homes. One of these homes was the original sales office for the subdivision at the corner of Livmor Ave and Louella. The neighborhood now is a mixture of home designs, but the predominant design is that of Palmer and Krisel, built by the Alexander Company using the "Ramon Rise" floor plan. Homes in this neighborhood are in high demand, with prices ranging from the low $1M to over $1.6M depending on condition primarily. 


Sunrise Park

A fairly large subdivision across Farrell Drive from Sunmor Estates, Sunrise Park, was constructed over several years. The homes in Sunrise Park feature the designs of various architects, including Palmer & Krisel, Belden Christ and Jack Meiselman. The Alexander Construction Company built the homes designed by Palmer & Krisel using the "Ramon Rise" floor plan designed for the nearby subdivision of Ramon Rise Estates, now called Little Beverly Hills.

This floor plan offered a slightly larger footprint than the standard design used in North Palm Springs. The homes in this neighborhood offer a wide range of elevations and design features to choose from, depending on the architect who designed them. The quality of the homes and the central location of this neighborhood make it very desirable to live in. Prices range anywhere from the high $800s to over $1.7M depending on the size and condition of the home.  


Racquet Club Estates

Racquet Club Estates is one of the largest mid-century modern neighborhoods in Palm Springs, primarily constructed by the Alexander Construction Company using designs by Palmer & Krisel. This neighborhood has almost 550 homes, showcasing the smallest floor plan the Alexander Company built. Utilizing design elements from the other subdivisions, the company constructed these homes to showcase the best mid-century modern design features, including dramatic rooflines and Clerestory windows.

Another builder in this area was Jack Meiselman, who designed and constructed homes throughout the city concurrently with the Alexander brothers. The Meiselman homes are distinctive in layout and feature a smaller floor plan than the Alexanders but similar rooflines. Homes in the area are quite desirable due to their design and can range from the high $800s to well over $1.6M. 


Little Beverly Hills (Ramon Rise Estates)

Located southwest of the Palm Springs International Airport, Little Beverly Hills is a 40-acre tract of 84 homes. The first 21 homes were built on the east side of this subdivision between October 1956 and November 1957 by Jack Meiselman. These homes feature distinctive Meiselman designs with varying rooflines reminiscent of Alexander's builds. The remaining lots were acquired by the Alexander Construction Company in 1955. Homes were constructed between July 1957 and February 1958 using floor plans designed in 1956 and 1957. This later floor plan was ultimately selected for the subdivision and used in Sunrise Park and Sunmor Estates in subsequent years. The Alexander homes in this neighborhood were offered in five exterior elevations called El Dorado, Enchantment, Fiesta, Fleetwood and Suburba. Homes in this subdivision are desirable because of their mid-century design, and their prices range from $900,000 to $1.8M. 


Tahquitz River Estates

Tahquitz River Estates is an oddly shaped subdivision located northwest of Deepwell Estates. The southern section of this neighborhood has primarily older Spanish homes built in the 1930s and 1940s. The northern section has a mixture of early mid-century homes from architect Paul Trousdale on the south side of the wash and a variety of other architects on the north side of the wash.

Trousdale homes are distinctive in their use of brick and wood. Homes on the north side of the wash were constructed in varying sizes, exhibiting a more typical mid-century elevation. These homes have historically been priced lower than other mid-century homes in other parts of the city and represent a good value for those looking for a vintage home in Palm Springs. Prices for Trousdale homes range from around $1.3M to $2M. The prices of homes on the wash's north side range from around $800k to about $1.6M, depending on size and condition. 


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