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Any Palm Springs real estate agent can tell you that this desert city is well known for its mid-century modern homes.

The building style was immensely popular, and Palm Springs mid-century homes can be found across the city. Most of these houses date back to the 1950s and 60s, and significant architects like David Wexler and William Cody designed many developments.

Even though some of these properties are more than half a century old, these houses still have a great appeal on the market.

If you're considering buying a home, here are five reasons to put Palm Springs mid-century modern homes at the top of your list.

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Open-Concept Design

Open-concept living spaces aren't just popular amongst mid-century modern homes; they're a key selling feature of many brand-new homes. The reason for this is that they make small spaces feel large, and they invite a sense of community.
While it's true that the bedrooms in a mid-century modern house might be smaller than average, you'll find that this encourages household residents to spend their time in the living room or the kitchen, where they can connect with family and friends.

Minimalistic Style

Mid-Century Modern Living RoomPerhaps one of the biggest appeals of the mid-century modern home is the minimalistic sense of style. Sharp lines, expansive surfaces, and a grayscale color palette create a clutter-less, minimalist aesthetic.
These designers were picky about the materials they brought into the house, and you'll find selective wood features add a warm touch to the space while white stone floors and granite countertops make up neutral surfaces. It's about highlighting the natural beauty of the raw materials.

Poolside Patio

In a place like Palm Springs, where blue skies and an average temperature of 65 degrees are the norm, it makes sense that you'll want to spend some time outdoors soaking up that gorgeous California sunshine.
Mid-century modern homes are perfect for this.
Many are centered around the sparkling waters of a backyard pool where you can entertain family and friends or get your daily exercise by swimming laps. Many also boast an extended roof that creates a covered space where you can lounge in the shade or dine outside even if the weather is rainy.

Natural Lighting

One of the main goals of the mid-century modern architect was to encourage the residents to reconnect with nature. As such, you'll find that floor-to-ceiling windows, skylights, clerestory windows, and any other kind of exposure that lets natural light flow in are popular among these designers.
In an era where most occupations involve staring at a computer or cell phone screen for hours each day, it's a relaxing and inviting retreat to come home to a space where nature is the focal point of each room, and soothing natural light replaces brilliant fluorescents.


Even though many of these homes were built more than half a century ago, mid-century modern designs often boast an environmentally conscious appeal. After all, sometimes eco-friendliness is the same as budget-friendliness.
One such example can be found in the eaves.
While the average eave extends no more than a foot from the side of the house, mid-century modern eaves often extend double, if not triple, that. The angle of these eaves strategically blocks summer sunshine from superheating your home in the summer yet allows direct sunlight to spill through your living spaces in the winter to help heat your home. This not only cuts down on heating and cooling costs but also adds a funky and fashionable touch to your home.
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